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The Mothballs

  - Mt. Buffalo
    - 13. The Horn Area (incl. The Mothballs & Dreamworld)
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Description:Small with limited potential. There is still room for a few more short new routes. Kid friendly crag with really easy access, and two routes at least which are actually beginner friendly! (Surely not I hear you say, but yes it's true!)
Location:about 2-300m before the Horn on the left (uphill).

Useful Info: Best Routes: The Biggest Thing Here (16**) Waiting for a princess (19**) Robert Dazzler (24**) a few other (about 4-5) 18's that are run out which is a pity as they look quite good.

Rock:   Walk:   <5 mins
Wet Weather:Soaked
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:koala


Map One

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