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  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 06. Blackheath (incl. Shipley Plateau, Centennial Glen, Perrys Lookdown, etc)
      - 14. Gateway / Fortress
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Description:The main area, with plenty of hard routes.
Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Wet Weather:Dry
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:secretary



1 :     Tower of Orthank     IMGIMGIMG 6m 29sport
 A brutal piece of body wrenching roof climbing, with an accuracy demanding pounce. The sword in the stone next to the anchors will decide the true king.
FA: B.Cossey - 2003-00-00
2 :     Smooth & Crunchy 6m 18sport
 Used to go all the way to the top.
FA: J.Smoothy sometime last century.
3 :     Image Magic     IMGIMGIMG 12m 29sport
 A true battle for the first ascent, a clash of horns between two galiant titans, the victor will be forever etched in history, while the defeated lad is not worth mentioning.
FA: L.Cossey - 2003-00-00
4 :     Next Dimension     IMGIMGIMG 12m 27sport
 Pack your shorts full of rocket powder and cast off into the unknown, where you'll find rad boulder moves and shiney golden eyes, power through the bulge and fly to freedom.
FA: L.Cossey - 2003-00-00
5 :     Gateway     IMGIMG 10m 28sport
 Beware the evil eyes are apon you. The frost covered ground will show you the path, take gentle steps. The gorgeous rock will hold your hand your mind concerned only with the foot you must land.
FA: B.Cossey - 2003-00-00
6 :     Enemy at the Gate     IMGIMG 10m 26sport
 Deemed impossible by many who've tried. An iron will and mastery of the mind is all that is in common with ascensionists of this climb.
FA: J.Clark - 2003-00-00
7 :     Super Sprinkle Cake     IMGIMG 18m 28sport
 Cool jumpers and wooly lockin'.strip clubs the world over will sing your praise.
FA: G.Miller - 2004-02-11
8 :     Middle Earth     IMGIMGIMG 10m 29sport
 Tricky clip, squeeze hard it will be over soon, you'll be back at work and will long for the chance to once again dance apon the rocks.
FA: L.Cossey - 2003-00-00
9 :     Double Adaptor     IMGIMGIMG 15m 31sport
 Don't concentrate on the anchor's or you will miss all the heavenly glory. Only a fool spends his time attempting to see into the future rather than see into the present.
FA: L.Cossey - 2003-00-00
10 :     3D aka Gateway Super Loop Open Project??m - sport
FA: Step up and fight. A FA means nothing if you don't 'let' someone on it
11 :     Fighting Urak – Hai     IMGIMGIMG 10m 30sport
FA: B.Cossey - 2003-00-00
12 :     The Amateur     IMGIMGIMG 12m 24sport
FA: A.Watts - 2004-00-00
13 :     The Professional     IMGIMG 15m 28sport
 Traverse the lip to finish at Middle Earth anchors.
Starts up The Amateur.
14 :     De Art     IMGIMG 8m 27sport
 Around the corner in the White Cave.
FA: L.Cossey - 2003-00-00

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