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The Australian Route Register

Sector 3 (Rip Van Winkle Wall and Dress Rehearsal Rag Buttress)

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 08. Mount Victoria (incl. Ikara, Boronia Pt, Piddington, Corroboree, Zig Zag, etc)
      - 06. Zig Zag
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Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Wet Weather:Damp
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:mjw



    Black Betty 20m 17mixed
FA: Ward,Leigh - 1988-00-00
Penguins on Safari
35m 14mixed
FA: Hunt,Robbins,Eldridge - 1984-00-00
Bamba Land     IMGIMG
40m 18mixed
FA: Ward,Leigh - 1988-00-00
    Winkle     IMGIMG 20m 12mixed
FA: H.Luxford,D.Darmanin - 1972-00-00
    Penguin Pete     IMGIMG 20m 16mixed
FA: T.Hunt
    Van     IMGIMG 20m 16mixed
FA: H.Luxford,D.Darmanin - 1972-00-00
    Rip     IMGIMG 20m 14mixed
FA: H.Luxford,D.Darmanin - 1972-00-00
    SF 10m 21sport
 Rebolted 2006. Quite contrived as the difficulty depends on whether you bridge out onto the adjacent wall.
    Urako 12m 21sport
 Rebolted 2006.
FA: M.Grey,G.Weigand - 1982-00-00
    Fashion TV 12m 22sport
 Start as for U. At the break move left and then up. Quite pumpy.
    Make it Nylons     IMG 20m 20mixed
FA: Smoothy,Lumsden,McManus - 1988-00-00
    The Mixture     IMGIMG 47m 11mixed
 2 Pitches.Starts on ground level. Crack to ledge. Crack.
FA: B.Mattick,G.Owens - 1968-00-00
    Dress Rehersal Rag     IMGIMGIMG 35m 21mixed
P1(15m, 17)Solid at the grade, rising traverse past the carrots, a few medium wires available but not necessary. Cracking pitch.
P2(20m, 21)
Destruction of Army Group Centre
20m 23mixed
 As for DRR to ledge then take the left line.
FA: M.Grey,G.Weigand - 1982-00-00
    Disaster Area     IMGIMG 12m 23mixed
 Marked IRA.
FA: S.Bullen,G.Hill - 1983-00-00
    Dead Milkmen     IMGIMG 12m 16mixed
FA: W.King,I.Collins - 1989-00-00
Fairy Tails     IMGIMG
12m 16mixed
 Lefthand route on the small wall. Has an extention all the way to the top (21).Take Care.
    Unknown 12m 15mixed

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