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Alien's Domain

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 12. Bells Line of Road (incl. Grose Valley Northern Crags, Bowens Ck)
      - Bowens Creek
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Location:Scramble down below Shopping Wall, then left (facing out)until you come to the Tyrollian. Cross the creek, then up to cliffline. Head around to the right (facing in) along the broken cliff line until you come to the Wall.
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:mjw



1 :     First Contact 15m 23sport
FA: M.Turnbull - 1999-00-00
2 :     Superior Species     IMG 15m 23sport
FA: M.Turnbull - 1999-00-00
3 :     It came from Outer Uranus     IMG 15m 25sport
FA: M.Pircher - 1999-00-00
4 :     The Alien Spat Her Out 15m 26sport
FA: M.Turnbull - 1999-00-00
5 :     Primative Life Form 15m 25sport
FA: L.Wishart - 1999-00-00
6 :     Gastro Girl     IMG 15m 27sport
FA: L.Wishart - 2000-00-00
7 :     The Alienateher     IMG 15m 29sport
FA: S.Grkovic - 1999-00-00
8 :     Bantha Fodder 18m 24sport
FA: L.Wishart - 1999-00-00
9 :     Outer Space 15m 21sport
 Batman start!
FA: S.Bell - 2000-00-00
10 :     Austri-Alien     IMG 25m 24sport
 Batman start!
FA: M.Pircher - 1999-00-00
11 :     Orbital Decay 23m 28sport
FA: S.Grkovic - 2000-00-00
12 :     Visit Venus     IMG 20m 28sport
FA: S.Grkovic - 2000-00-00
13 :     Pigs in Space     IMGIMG 17m 29sport
FA: S.Grkovic - 1999-00-00
14 :     Freak on a Leash     IMGIMG 15m 27sport
FA: L.Wishart - 1999-00-00
15 :     Interstella Fella     IMG 15m 26sport
FA: L.Wishart - 1999-00-00
16 :     Swine Trek 12m 25sport
FA: S.Grkovic - 2000-00-00
17 :     Mars Needs Women 12m 25sport
FA: S.Grkovic - 2000-00-00

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