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  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 08. Mount Victoria (incl. Ikara, Boronia Pt, Piddington, Corroboree, Zig Zag, etc)
      - 03. Mt. Piddington (incl. Pindari)
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Description:More recently developed than Wirindi, Pindari contains some great multi-pitch climbing (mostly on bolts). Many of the gear lines are good they just need a few more ascents. The routes in this area are listed LEFT to RIGHT.
Location:The shady side of Mt.Piddington.
Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Wet Weather:Soaked
Kid friendly:YesAuthor:secretary



1 :     
15m 10mixed
 Middle of the short black wall in the gully.
FA: D.Grey - 1985-00-00
2 :     
Bare Essentials
18m 16mixed
 Scooped arete down from E.
FA: D.grey - 1985-00-00
3 :     This Sporting Life     IMGIMG 43m 20sport
15 bolts
 As a south-facing wall, seepage on this route can take quite a while to dry out after rain.
FA: M.Law, V.Kondos - 1992-00-00
P1(18m, 19, 6 bolts)Lovely techie slab to comfy belay ledge.
P2(25m, 20, 9 bolts)Slabby arête then a runout into cave, lean carefully left out of cave for 3rd RB. Now fight the pump up the long sustained overhung headwall right to the last move. DRB 2m back over the top.
4 :     Rampaging Roy     IMGIMG 30m 21sport
 The left hand route from the belay of TSL. Take the camera!
FA: S.Moon - 2000-00-00
5 :     Much of a Muchness     IMG 30m 22sport
 3rd route of the belay of TSL.
FA: M.Pircher,A.Duckworth - 2000-00-00
6 :     The House of Meat     IMG 50m 23sport
 The second pitch is good. Not so the first! Best to traverse right from the belay of TSL (Bolt would be handy!) and belay on the ledge below the climb. 1*23
FA: M.Law,L.McManus - 1992-00-00
7 :     Bets over Boredom 50m 22mixed
 Start from the block in chimney (Houdini), left to ledge, slab and arete to top.
FA: W.Stevens,A.Peacock - 2001-00-00
8 :     
45m 17trad
 You may wish you were a magician at some point on this one.
Chimney etc.
FA: J.Ewbank,A.Campbell - 1969-00-00
9 :     Project??m - mixed
10 :     Rimensky 45m 12mixed
 9m right in chimney.
FA: J.Ewbank,B.Allen - 1968-00-00
P1(15m, 8)Chimney to small ledge.
P2(30m, 12)Chimney to sandy cave and up.
11 :     Lord Jim     IMG 45m 18mixed
 Flared crack 4m right of R.
FA: J.Ewbank,P.Giles,V.Kennedy - 1970-00-00
P1(15m, -)Groove to tree? and piton.
P2(30m, 18)Crack and chimney.
12 :     The White Lion     IMG 51m 19mixed
 Thin crack 4m right again.
FA: I.Lewis,K.Carrigan - 1974-00-00
P1(21m, 19)Crack then right to next crack to below the block.Turn arete and left to tree?
P2(30m, 18)Finish as for LJ.
13 :     
Holly Golightly     IMG
48m 20mixed
 As for TWL until it veers left. Up right side of arete and up.
FA: J.Lynch,T.Barten,M.Peck - 1987-00-00
14 :     Off–Roader 20m 27sport
 Uninspiring unrecessed rings, to the right of the arete.
FA: M.Law, M.Warren - 2003-00-00
15 :     Beserker     IMG 60m 19trad
 4m right of TWL.
FA: M.Law,J.Worrall,G.Child - 1974-00-00
P1(27m, -)Corner to roof.
P2(27m, 19)Up to lip,crack then to trees.
P3(6m, -)Crack
57m 11trad
 40m right of B. Ledge above track.
FA: G.Owens,G.Davies,L.Selman,R.Smith - 1966-00-00
P1(12m, -)Crack to undercut chimney, corner.Right to anchor.
P2(15m, 11)Chimney to roof, then short wall to tree?
P3(30m, 11)Gully and wall to tree?
    Mirage     IMG 100m 20mixed
 20m right again.
FA: M.Law,J.Worrall,D.Gleason - 1974-00-00
P1(25m, 18)Corner to pedestal.
P2(25m, 20)Right to arete, down 3m then into corner. under roof to corner, over roof to stance.
P3(30m, 18)Crack to roof, right to arete, traverse to corner, up to belay.
P4(20m, 20)Right side of flake then up to tree?
    Lay Lady Lay 45m 17 M3mixed
 5m right of M. Below roof.
FA: M.Law,J.Worrall,D.Gleason - 1974-00-00
P1(25m, 17 M3)Levitate gear into crack and climb the rope. Free to ledge!
P2(20m, 17)Corner(s) to roof,left to M anchor 2. Jeez! sounds good!
    Nostromo     IMG 55m 16trad
 125m right of LLL.Corner with parralel crack 1m right.
FA: J.Ewbank,B.Allen - 1968-00-00
P1(22m, 16)Corner to ledge and tree?
P2(33m, 16)Corner to chimney.
    Xenon's Son 14m 15trad
 9m right of N.
FA: J.Worrall - 1974-00-00
    Shugar 45m 18sport
 5m right of XS.
FA: M.Law - 1974-00-00
P1(30m, -)Crack to block,arete, slab to roof. Traverse right to top of chimney.
P2(15m, 18)Left corner.
    Gargoyle\'s Mouth 40m 18trad
 5m right again.
FA: J.Worral,M.Law - 1974-00-00
P1(24m, -)Bridge to attain chimney.
P2(16m, 18)Right corner.
June Day
18m 20trad
 Arete right of GM.
Not sure of the grade on this.
FA: M.Law - 1974-00-00
    Gross Crack 40m 18trad
 63m right of GM.
Wide crack just left of corner.
FA: R.Young,M.Burton - 1980-00-00
    Bandelero 46m 18trad
 8m right of GC.
FA: R.Young,M.Burton - 1980-00-00
    Golden Years 60m 18trad
 40m right of B.
FA: R.Young,A.Prehn,M.Burton - 1980-00-00
P1(20m, 18)Undercat ferny crack to short crack on left.
P2(20m, -)Right across wall to 'Cripple Corner' anchor 1.
P3(20m, -)Finish as for CC.
    Jets over Jordan     IMG 50m 24sport
 Arete (carrots) 30 LEFT of VfT.
FA: M.Stacey,S.Moon FFA:J.Smoothy,M.Stacey,M.Law 1988 - 1987-00-00
P1(30m, 23)Right and then left side of arete. Arete to ledge.
P2(20m, 24)Arete and flake, right to small roof, up then back to the arete and up.
    Vets over Verdon 20m 25sport
 Variation of JoJ second pitch.
Straight up the arete to anchors.
FA: J.Smoothy,M.Stacey - 1988-00-00
    Cripple Corner 40m 18trad
 Thin crack 13m right of GY.
FA: A.Prehn,R.Young - 1980-00-00
P1(20m, 18)Short corner right then over to belay.
P2(20m, -)Right crack leading left.Up.
    No Action 75m 22trad
 20m right of CC.
FA: R.Young,A.Prehn - 1980-00-00
P1(35m, 22)Finger crack to ledge. hand crack to stumps? on ledge.
P2(40m, -)Past scrub to roof, carefully left to corner, furthur to end of roof. Up.
    Pussy Strut     IMG 50m 26sport
 Needs a rebolt!
Arete 4m Left of VfT.
FA: M.Law,G.Child - 1989-00-00
P1(27m, 26)Up right to arete, then left. Up wall and groove.
P2(23m, 22)Groove, right around bulge, up wall and corner as for VfT.
    Voyage for Two     IMGIMG 55m 25sport
 3 pitches rebolted 2004
Arete just right of NA. Start in thin crack right side of the arete. Ring bolts.
FA: M. Law, S. Butler - 1988-00-00
    Blind Ambition     IMG 60m 22trad
 20m right of NA.
FA: R.Young,A.Prehn - 1980-00-00
P1(40m, 22)Corner to ledge on right. Left to narrowing crack.Left to ledge.
P2(20m, 22)Corner to ledge, crack through overhang. Up.
    Death Syndrome 50m 21trad
 22m right of BA.Corner.
FA: R.Young,A.Prehn - 1980-00-00
P1(30m, -)Ledge, wide crack to ferns (?), right and up to ledge.
P2(20m, 21)Layback and wall.
    Zagen 55m 16trad
 100m right of DS.
FA: D.Wagland - 1979-00-00
P1(30m, 16)Roof capped corner to arete. Left to mantle, up to traverse. Right and up to tree?
P2(25m, 11)Pinacle and wall, crack.

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