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Echo Gully Area

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 09. Mt York (incl. Zap Crag, Barden's LO & The Land of The Giants, The Soft Parade & New York)
      - 08. Mt York Sunny Side
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Description:Access gully with stairs.
Rock:   Walk:   <5 mins
Wet Weather:Soaked
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:secretary



1 :     Ichabod Ichabod 15m 11mixed
This and the next 4 routes are on the right side of the gully heading down.
FA: J.Lorinez,B.Blunt - 1974-00-00
2 :     Crow     IMG 18m 20sport
FA: W.Moon,B.Cameron - 1980-00-00
3 :     Paragon 18m 19mixed
FA: A.Prehn,R.Young,G.Hill - 1980-00-00
4 :     Holy Catfish 12m 15mixed
FA: A.Prehn,R.Young,K.Brown - 1980-00-00
5 :     Tex Arcana 12m 20mixed
FA: J.Smoothy,C.Martin - 1984-00-00
6 :     Micron 8m 21mixed
 This and the next few routes start from the track on the left side of the gully coming down.
FA: D.Grey - 1986-00-00
7 :     Hollow Echo 8m 9mixed
FA: B.Blunt,J.Lorinez - 1974-00-00
8 :     Grey Power 10m 22mixed
FA: D.Grey - 1986-00-00
9 :     Second Echo 12m 12mixed
FA: B.Blunt - 1974-00-00
10 :     Echo Point 14m 15mixed
FA: A.Penney,J.Smoothy - 1982-00-00
11 :     
Blonde at both ends
15m 22mixed
FA: C.Cuthbertson - 1980-00-00
12 :     Resonance 17m 18mixed
FA: J.Smoothy - 1979-00-00
13 :     Tintinnabulation 17m 19mixed
FA: J.Smoothy,A.Penney - 1984-00-00
14 :     Ablutions 20m 19mixed
FA: J.Smoothy,A.Penney - 1979-00-00
15 :     Misjudgement 20m 18mixed
 The blunt arete at the base of the gully.
FA: A.Prehn,R.Young - 1983-00-00
16 :     CC Rider 6m 15mixed
 On the Block opposite Misjudgement.
FA: B.Turk - 1983-00-00
17 :     Safety in Numbers 20m 22mixed
FA: G.James,D.Grey - 1985-00-00
18 :     The Obituary     IMGIMG 20m 14trad
 Corner crack. popular.
FA: B.Blunt,J.Lorinez - 1974-00-00
19 :     Atomic Punk     IMGIMG 20m 20mixed
 Face to the right of O.
FA: R.Young,A.Prehn - 1983-00-00
20 :     Oblivious 20m 20mixed
 As for AP.
As for AP, right a little and up keeping to the left side of the arete. Take cams 3/4 for breaks.
FA: G.Short,P.Mort - 2004-00-00
21 :     
20m 20mixed
 Quite a serious lead. Even Mikl cant remember how or why he did it or where it finishes!
As for AP, then traverse right around prow and up slab with very little gear! Has a varient start to the right of the choss (S.Moon) which may keep going up the arete - carrots - or may not? Too many drugs in those days!
FA: M.Law,.Penney,J.Smoothy - 1978-00-00
22 :     Moss's Effort 15m 20mixed
 Up and to the right of Oblivion.
FA: S.Moon,J.Smoothy - 1983-00-00
23 :     Refusal     IMG 15m 14trad
 Corner to the right of ME.
FA: B.Blunt,J.Lorinez - 1974-00-00
24 :     The Knights of Nee 15m 17mixed
FA: J.Smoothy,F.Lumsden - 1984-00-00

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