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Walkdown Gully

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 07. Mt Boyce (incl. Boycetown and Browntown)
      - 02. Lower Boyce (Walkdown Gully to Abseil Gully areas)
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Location:Routes to the left and right of The Gully. Routes are listed LEFT to RIGHT.
Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Wet Weather:Soaked
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:mjw



    Air2Spare     IMG 35m 12mixed
 Easy climbing after an exciting rap in to a semi-hanging belay.
Rap 35m off two rings in the overhang about 10m right (facing out) of the top of Goldstar. Clip in to carrots on the way down.
Up the grey slab with a little steep bit at the top. Mostly carrots. A few wires to supplement.
FA: Susan Hoernlein, Paul Turner - 2004-00-00
    Vincent HRD 57m 13 M1mixed
 30m left of the Gully, on ledge.
FA: P.Jenkins,K.Joyce,B.Postill - 1972-00-00
P1(30m, 13 M1)Crack to ledge.
P2(27m, 13)Left hand crack,turn roof, left to ledge.
    Manx 64m 14mixed
 Start as for VHRD.
FA: B.Postill,P.Edwards - 1972-00-00
P1(6m, -)Up to ledge.
P2(34m, 14)Crack and ramp to ledge.
P3(24m, 14)2nd crack from the right to gully and out.
    Thruxton 57m 19mixed
 3m right of VHRD. The finger/hand crack now full of ferns. Best left that way.
FA: B.Allen,W.Williams - 1972-00-00
P1(27m, 19)Corner to ledge.
P2(30m, -)Thin crack, gully and out.
    Bonnieville 64m 14mixed
 First pitch as for Manx.
FA: G.Wurth,B.Postill - 1972-00-00
P1(6m, -)Up to ledge.
P2(34m, 14)Crack and groove (keeping away from Manx). Left to high ledge.
P3(24m, 14)Crack to top.
    Cow Chaser   -   verified     IMG 20m 18mixed
 Start as for Manx/Bonnieville then follow the carrots up the wall and over the boulder/roof at the top. Take small cams, a medium wire, and a #3 Camalot or similar for the start
FA: Paul Turner, R Bourne 2004
    Gold Star     IMGIMG 58m 18mixed
FA: B.Allen,R.Lassman - 1972-00-00
P1(30m, 16)Crack to ledge.
P2(28m, 18)Steep crack to top.
    Half Life 35m 21mixed
 Right hand side of the gully coming down.
Streno crack, overhung corner and roof to top.
FA: M.Law,A.Penney - 1977-00-00
    Diversion 54m 11mixed
 The following climbs are situated to the left of the gully coming down.
Large crack/chimney inside the gully.
FA: W.Williams,P.Giles - 1972-00-00
P1(24m, 11)Crack to cavern.
P2(30m, 11)Up chimney then right.
    Roughly Yours 61m 14mixed
 Ramp. Then up.
FA: Graham ?,J.Wurth - 1972-00-00
    The Wages of Sin 40m 23mixed
FA: J.Smoothy,C.Martin - 1984-00-00
    Gently Mine     IMG 47m 14mixed
FA: L.Smith,W.Williams - 1968-00-00
    Divide and Disolve 45m 23mixed
FA: C.Martin,J.Smoothy,G.James - 1985-00-00
    Pig Iron Slaughter     IMGIMG 20m 21mixed
 Rebolted May 2007
Left side of the arete.
FA: A.Penney,J.Smoothy,L.Trihey - 1984-00-00
    The Gates of Janus     IMG 47m 16trad
 As for PIS, right into corner and up.
FA: K.Bell,H.Bevan
Took Crook     IMG
64m 20mixed
 Ledge 10m right of GoJ.
FA: K.Bell,G.Mortimer,J.Morgan. (FFA. B.Allen,W.Williams) - 1972-00-00
P1(11m, 20)Thin crack then left to mantle.
P2(26m, 20)Crack, overhang, right and up to cave.
P3(27m, 20)Steep wall left of cave.
    Sally 43m 15mixed
 Crack to the right.
FA: Graham.?,J.Wurth - 1972-00-00

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