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Helen Boulder

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 08. Mount Victoria (incl. Ikara, Boronia Pt, Piddington, Corroboree, Zig Zag, etc)
      - 03. Mt. Piddington (incl. Pindari)
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Location:Huge boulder 30m down hill from Descent Gull Area.
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:mjw



    Spastic Octopus 10m 18sport
 Nth facing wall 30m down from Last Chance.
FA: G.Robbins - 1980-00-00
    Helen 12m 15trad
 crack 3m right of SO.
FA: C.Monteath - 1971-00-00
    Intermission 15m 19mixed
 Traverse line 1m right of H.
FA: G.Weigand - 1981-00-00
Bolt Upright
22m 15trad
 Blunt arete 8m to the right. Solo!
FA: M.Law - 1978-00-00
    The Loch Ness Whippet 20m 23mixed
 5m right of BU.
FA: A.Farquar - 1992-00-00
Salem Super Direct
22m 18mixed
 Blunt arete 2m right of TLNW.
FA: A.Penney,J.Smoothy - 1978-00-00
    Zany     IMG 23m 19mixed
 This diagonal 4m right again.
FA: K.Carrigan,M.Law,A.Penney - 1978-00-00
    Pandemonium     IMG 22m 20mixed
 1m right of Z.
FA: A.Penney,M.Law - 1978-00-00
    Hot Water 15m 17mixed
 Chimney 1m right of Z.
FA: J.Smoothy,A.Dunn,P.Martland - 1978-00-00
    Guinevere 20m 11trad
 As for HW. Chimney and corner.
FA: M.Law,L.Hall - 1974-00-00
    Doughboy 15m 15mixed
 Left arete directly below G.
FA: W.Moon - 1980-00-00
    Crocodile Tears 15m 15mixed
 3m right of D.
FA: W.Moon - 1980-00-00

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