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Hot Flyer Area

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 06. Blackheath (incl. Shipley Plateau, Centennial Glen, Perrys Lookdown, etc)
      - 10 Shipley Upper (Wall's Ledge)
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Description:USE A LONG ENOUGH ROPE ON THESE ROUTES!! And tie a knot in the end of your rope!!

Leaders have been dropped off the end of the rope at this crag when using a too-short rope - and there is a big risk that, even if you survive the initial fall, you will tumble down the slope and go off the 50m cliff below. Take care!

The crag is on Blue Mountains City Council Land. The BMCC in general frowns upon dogs being taken into bushy areas of BMCC land. At this crag in particular, it is known (first-hand) that the BMCC are concerned about the ACTUAL OBSERVED impacts of dogs. Many climbers have put in a lot of hard work to cultivate strong relationships with the BMCC to ensure that climbers in general are seen as a sustainable user group, to ensure that all climbers' access can continue. Dog owners are asked NOT to stuff up this relationship for the rest of us; please don't bring your dog.

Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Wet Weather:Damp
Kid friendly:YesAuthor:secretary



    The Bolt and the Beautiful     IMGIMG 25m 25sport
 Lefthand route off the 4th access tree.
FA: M.Pircher - 2000-00-00
    Loop the Loop     IMGIMGIMG 25m 25sport
 A very enjoyable and popular route on some of the best rock at the crag. One of the most popular 25's in the Mountains. Twisties added 2004.
Middle route off the 4th access tree. Stick clip essential. Most people batman to the first bolt although it can be freed at very thin 25ish if you have skin to spare.
Up the tree, then straight up on good climbing. Trend right slightly past a good rest. The business begins half way up.
FA: C. Peisker, T. Williams - 1986-00-00
    Burning Bridges     IMGIMG 25m 25sport
 4th access tree.
FA: J.Smoothy - 1986-00-00
    Barnstorming     IMGIMG 27m 27sport
 As for Hot Flyer and Weekend Warrior, then left a bit and up.
FA: S.Grkovic - 2001-00-00
    Weekend Warrior     IMG 15m 19sport
 Original start to HF.
As for Hot Flyer but traverse left after the first ring.
    Hot Flyer     IMGIMGIMG 25m 23sport
 Has anchors at the break 19 to here. twisties added 2004
FA: J. Smoothy, C. Peisker - 1985-00-00
    Lardy Lady's Lats     IMGIMGIMG 25m 23sport
 Good fun route. It's trendy, if not entirely accurate, to call it over graded.
Up the pleasant thin wall then up the steep headwall past a few more bolts.
FA: Martin Pircher - 1997-01-01
    Jack High     IMGIMG 15m 19sport
FA: J.Smoothy,M,Stacey - 1986-00-00
    Flaming Flamingo     IMGIMG 25m 24sport
 Has anchors at the break. 19 to here.
FA: J.Smoothy,C.Peisker,S.Moon - 1985-00-00
    Girly Germs     IMG 15m 21sport
 Start on the left and traverse in - do NOT trample (what's left of) the hanging swamp! Then up, past one quite thin bit.
FA: M.Pircher - 1999-00-00
    Sexi Mexi     IMG 15m 23sport
 Start as for GG on the left and traverse in - do NOT trample (what's left of) the hanging swamp!
FA: J.Smoothy,M.Baker
    Haunted Night Time Run     IMGIMG 25m 27sport
 "You cant re-bolt an old open project and claim it as your own" - BC. Originally a Mike Law project and then passed on to Jark who rebolted it! "Reclaimed" by Ben Cossey, set free from the shackles of believed rock ownership and fat bums.
As for 'Sexi Mexi' then through rooflet to lower offs. Not so good if you are 'really' short...unless you are 'really' powerful!!
Thin and powerful, requires good footwork - smearing, and a good head.
FA: Benjamin P. Cossey - 2006-04-23
    Sexy when Slippery 15m 22sport
 As for Language but traverse left to the 2nd line of rings.
FA: M.Garben - 2002-00-00
    Project No! 25m 25sport
 Bolted more than 4 years ago! Has actually been climbed by a number of people who believe a time limit on projects of 3 seasons is enough. Equipped by Dave Stone.
As for Language then traverse left to 1st line of rings.
    Language of Desire     IMGIMG 25m 24sport
 Awesome. Bring a cam if you don't like the run-out through easy ground.
FA: M. Scheel, C. Martin - 1985-00-00
    A Streaker Named Desire     IMGIMG 25m 23sport
 As for Language but head right. Now has its own anchors. Awesome !!
FA: V.Petersen - 2002-00-00
    Form One Lane     IMGIMG 22m 24sport
 Now has its own anchors.
A few metres to the right of Language at the large boulder.
FA: J.Smoothy - 1982-00-00
    No U Turn     IMGIMG 20m 24sport
 lower-offs added 2004
FA: J. Smoothy, C. Martin - 1985-00-00
    No Right Turn 30m 22mixed
 Start as for previous route, traverse right to 'War Babies' anchor then up!
FA: G.James - 1985-00-00
    War Babies     IMGIMG 12m 21sport
Right end of the boulder.
FA: J.Smoothy - 1985-00-00
    Do Androids Like Duckos 12m 20sport
 Starts just right of War Babies and joins War Babies just before the ledge. Not as good as War Babies and not any easier.
FA: M.Pircher - 2002-00-00
    Scramble Syndrome     IMG 18m 21sport
 Good moves but the good stuff ends too quickly. Rebolted 2006, this should make it a much more popular climb.
FA: J.Smoothy - 1985-00-00
    Do Androids Care?     IMG 12m 18sport
FA: P Balint, J Reily - 1989-00-00

Recent Ascents

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Richo1981 Scramble SyndromeTough mantelonsight202012-12-31
Richo1981 No U Turn Tough first few moves to crimping heaven. Not that tough.flash232012-10-08
Richo1981 War BabiesTough and very interesting sequence.free222012-10-08
Richo1981 A Streaker Named D...Tough for 23. Easy start followed by tough moves after the no hand rest. Run out aswell.free232012-10-01
aarond Lardy Lady's LatsBreaksfree2012-09-23
mattwdance Hot Flyer free2012-07-06
Richo1981 Flaming FlamingoExcellent climbing. Easy to the half way mark then get on your game face and punch the crux, try not to take the whipper. Hold on and cheer out loud.free242012-02-12
Richo1981 Sexi MexiGreat number to keep you on your toes. Dont worry about the last few moves just go for it and dont look down.free232012-02-11
Nator Lardy Lady's Latsred-point2011-12-27
Olbert Language of Desire Harder than I remember it!free242011-12-16
Richo1981 Loop the Loop Easy climbing at around 22 to no hands rest. Then keep your wits about you and smash out the last 10 metres. Classic.free252011-10-09
Richo1981 Jack HighCrimpy little number.onsight192011-10-09
bundybear A Streaker Named D...free232011-09-03
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