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Narrabeen Steep Side

  - 05 Sydney Metropolitan Region
    - 05. The North Shore (incl. Lower North Shore (Lane Cove, Cremorne, Willoughby), Upper North Shore (Lindfield, Killara), The Forest (Killarney, Frenchs Forest, Terrey Hills), & West Head areas)
      - ZZ. Wakehurst Parkway (Narrabeen) Steep Side (move me to northern beaches)
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Location:200m West of the track to Narrabeen Slabs, on the South side of the road.
Rock:   Walk:   <5 mins
Wet Weather:Damp
Kid friendly:YesAuthor:mjw



1 :     Bloggs Eliminate 10m 12mixed
 28m left of the track.
Tree to overhang and scoop!
2 :     Ready,Set,Go 8m 4mixed
 10 right of previous or 18m left of track.
3 :     A   -   verified 10m 22sport
3 bolts
 Good looking face but looks harder than 22...
Start 2m L of FLack (not 2m R like the guide says!).
3 carrots.
4 :     Flack   -   verified     IMG 10m 17sport
3 bolts
 Nice warm up, 3 U's and a lower-off
8m right again or 10m left of track. Initialled.
Start on the R then great moves up the face. Bit fierce for the grade, but short.
FA: Mikl Law - 1985-05-09
5 :     Seedy Saturday 8m 18mixed
 Obvious crack when coming up the track. usually wet.
6 :     Fowlgrowlia 8m 18mixed
 2m right.
7 :     Strange, like Norman 8m 21mixed
 5m right again. Has bolts!
8 :     Apyla 6m 22mixed
 15m right of the track. Diagonally left to arete.
9 :     Areeba 7m 19mixed
 As for previous route but up!
10 :     Kegs Corner 7m 13mixed
11 :     Bedrock 7m 18mixed
 as for KK but right and up wall past bolts.
12 :     Lido Man   -   verified     IMG 8m 21sport
4 bolts
 Start: As for JM.
Step left, over bulge and up seam. 4 RBs in total.
FA: Daniel Webster, Dale Tweedie - 2005-08-00
13 :     Jammin' Measles 10m 17mixed
 10m right again. Crack.
14 :     Unfair Dismissal   -   verified 10m 20sport
3 bolts
 Start: As for JM.
Step right and up through scoop and wall to double U bolt rap anchor. Fixed sling and 3RBs en route (take care clipping the 3rd RB).
FA: Dale Tweedie, Daniel Webster - 2005-08-00
15 :     Ms. Wilkins 15m 23mixed
 A funky crux, all U bolts now
15m right of JM.
To roof, left to mantle, then right wall diagonally.
FA: Mikl Law - 1985-05-09
16 :     Technorabble     IMG 15m 22sport
 2m right of previous, 4m left of corner.
Obvious. Follow bolts!
17 :     Technorabble RHV   -   verified     IMG 15m 21sport
 As for T.
As for Technorabble, but don't traverse L past the FH, clip it at full stretch to your L then go straight up.
18 :     Worthless Cracklines 15m 18mixed
19 :     Big Tick     IMG??m26sport
 Classic pocket pulling, all U's
Smooth black wall 2m right of the corner. Bolts.
FA: Mikl Law - 1985-05-09
20 :     Image Intensifier 15m 24sport
 As for S&T, then straight up wall.
21 :     Slap & Tickle     IMGIMG 15m 24sport
 Below BT.
Up and right, right to arete and up.
22 :     Pickaxe     IMG 15m 21sport
 4m right of S&T.
23 :     Relax     IMG 15m 23sport
 Right of P.
24 :     Smilax     IMG 15m 22sport
 As for FHP (corner) then left and over lip and up.
25 :     FHP 10m 19mixed
26 :     Self Saucing Sandbag 15m 25sport
2m left of Tilt. Bolts!
27 :     Tilt     IMGIMGIMG 15m 23sport
 One of the best routes in Sydney! New bolts.
Short wall 10m right of FHP.
Easy wall (often seeps) to stance, or walk in to here from the right. Span the roof, cut loose, then glorious sequences all the way up the headwall.
28 :     BRT 15m - mixed
29 :     Full Tilt     IMGIMGIMG 15m 26sport
 Do this!
2m right of Tilt.
30 :     Wolfy & The Scientist 12m 25sport
 Right of FT.
31 :     Dancing on Ceilings 15m 24mixed
 As for W&TS then right into SP.
32 :     Septic Penguins     IMGIMGIMG 12m 20sport
 Right end of the cliff, left of crack. Obvious.
33 :     The Old Man of Heave 20m 24mixed
 Bulging crack 1m right of SP and straight up past hangers. The route to the left (bolts) finishes up FT and is called 'I Wanna be an Airbourne Ranger' - and dont we all! Keep going up the crack and you get 'Crack Man Fever'.

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