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Lawson's Gully

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 09. Mt York (incl. Zap Crag, Barden's LO & The Land of The Giants, The Soft Parade & New York)
      - 06. Barden's Lookout & The Land of The Giants
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Location:The furthest righthand (looking out from the lookout) area of the Bardens Lookout crags.
Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Kid friendly:YesAuthor:mjw



1 :     Pressure Drop 17m 19sport
 Mossy, sometimes!
Up the gully for about 25m. Steep wall on the left. Starts of the small ledge in the centre of the wall. Belay bolts.
FA: M.Colyvan,G.Bradbury,G.Moore - 1982-00-00
2 :     Joe the Lion 40m 17mixed
 13m right of the gully.
Groove, roof crack and wall.
FA: R.Taylor
3 :     Lodger 15m 20mixed
 5m right of JtL.
Up to and over roof to ledge and belay.
FA: R.Young,A.Prehn - 1982-00-00
4 :     Heroes 20m 20mixed
11m right again. yellow rock.
Up to blocky thing, right and up wall to ledge.
FA: A.Prehn,R.Young - 1980-00-00
    Calamity Jane     IMG 18m 26sport
 Follow the rings
6m left of Dragon's Tooth
FA: Ivan Valenta
5 :     Dragon's Tooth     IMGIMG 30m 12trad
The corner.
FA: J.Bishop,J.Aalders and Mr(?)Wilson - 1974-00-00
6 :     Project???m - mixed
 On wall right of DT.
FA: Unknown
7 :     . 25m 20sport
 On wall right of DT.
FA: Unknown
8 :     Technical Stuff 30m 17mixed
12m right of DT. Right side of the arete.
FA: J.Smoothy,A.Penney - 1979-00-00
    Hermaphrodite Hamster     IMG 20m 25
6 bolts
 Old 80's project rebolted.
Up wall to R of Technical Stuff
FA: Karen Allan - 2009-03-20
FFA: Karen Allan - 2009-03-20
9 :     Samnivel     IMG 35m 22sport
 Great wall climb. Thin in places. Rebolted 2009
3.5m right of TS.
Up wall to ledge and bolt, up past a couple of more bolts then up the arete to belay. Up the arete.
FA: J.Smoothy,S.Knight,R.Weigand - 1982-00-00
10 :     
30m 12mixed
 Crack 3.5m right again.
Up onto blocks then corner to top.
FA: J.Bishop,J.Aalders - 1974-00-00
11 :     Metabo Man 25m 20sport
 all carrots
FA: G.Short?
12 :     Mal's Mega Route     IMG 45m 22mixed
 Rebolted - all rings.
4m right of M.
Right to ramp and thin corner, to ledge, up to bolt below steepening, up past bolts.
FA: M.Grey,J.Smoothy - 1982-00-00
    Roger's Smegma Chute     IMGIMG 20m 25sport
 A bit more sustained than MMR with an exciting overhanging dyno to finish. Beautiful rock. Add a grade if your reach is limited.
Start up easy groove as for Mal's then 3m to the right.
FA: Roger - 2008-00-00
13 :     Malignant Polymer     IMG 30m 22mixed
 5m right of MMR.
FA: G.Weigand,G.Clark - 1983-00-00
14 :     Cosmetic 25m 17mixed
 25m right of MMR. To bolt the up wall trending leftwards.
FA: D.Humphries,J.Smoothy,I.Anger - 1980-00-00
15 :     Here and Now 20m 17sport
 Has a choice of two starts.
FA: G.Short,P.Mort - 1999-00-00
16 :     Krell 30m 20mixed
5m right of Cosmetic.
FA: J.Smoothy,D.Humphries,I.Anger - 1980-00-00
17 :     Ferrets Route Direct     IMG 20m 23sport
 Rebolted 2009
Right of K. Left side of the arete. Original start as for TH, then traverse left, but now rebolted so go direct.
FA: I.Anger,J.Smoothy,D.Humphries - 1980-00-00
18 :     The H'owl     IMGIMG 30m 19mixed
 Popular climb up a fine line!
Obvious line up chimney then through corner and roof right of FR.
FA: M.Dunstan - 1974-00-00
19 :     Stretch Marks 35m 21mixed
 "His ex-wife died of stretch marks"
On the wall 2m right of TH.
Slab to ledge - cairn here - up wall to top.
FA: J.Smoothy,T.Bernutt - 1982-00-00
20 :     Laming Wall.     IMGIMG 25m 21mixed
 The original route and the 'best' on the wall.
4.5m right of SM.
From ledge, mantle to wall and up.
FA: J.Smoothy,D.Humphries,I.Anger - 1980-00-00
21 :     Tais Free 25m 20mixed
 Looks quite good too!
2m right again.
Mantle to wall.
FA: R.Weigand,J.Smoothy - 1982-00-00
22 :     Are Turkeys Electric? 25m 21mixed
 6m right again.
To ledge, over bulge and to top trending leftwards.
FA: A.Prehn,J.Muir - 1980-00-00
23 :     Cheat Notes 22m 20mixed
 4m right again.
To ledge, around overhang, up left then up.
FA: R.Weigand,J.Smoothy - 1982-00-00

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