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Blaxland's Gully(Ashes to Ashes & Mezzaluna Areas)

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 09. Mt York (incl. Zap Crag, Barden's LO & The Land of The Giants, The Soft Parade & New York)
      - 07. Mt York Shady Side
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Description:Take track opposite the picnic shelter for about 15m to cairn, follow track down the hill for 50m to main gully. Left along ledge to the gullys left branch and down. A bit like a canyon.
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:mjw


One of the lower-off carabiners is reported to be very rusty.Bound to Eternityroutemaintenancewaiting2009-04-03


1 :     Mr McGuirksquirter     IMG 15m 24sport
 17m right of the gully. Lefthand route.
FA: A.Farquar - 1996-00-00
2 :     Ashes to Ashes   -   verified     IMGIMG 15m 25sport
6 bolts
 Stick clip.
FA: R.Young, A.Prehn - 1985-00-00
3 :     Dust to Dust     IMG 150m 25sport
 Righthand route.
FA: A.Farquar - 1996-00-00
4 :     Venturi 40m 8trad
 Low angled corner to roofs.
Corner to roof, under this and up slab.
FA: J.Bishop,J.Aalders,S.van der Sluys - 1974-00-00
5 :     Peeceasy 40m 4trad
 The easiest route in the guide!
Right of V.
Big crack, under roof and up slab.
FA: B.Ratter,C.Peisker - 1974-00-00
6 :     Cinders 10m 25sport
 Above P. Traverse the roof to the left. Backjump to clean.
FA: M.Brooks - 2002-00-00
7 :     Pommy Filth 20m 19sport
 On wall aroung the corner from previous routes.
Lefthand route. Take care with the rock at the top.
FA: G.Short,P.Mort - 1998-00-00
8 :     Andy Wigley Sings the Blues 20m 21sport
 As for PF but right.
Take care with the rock.
FA: G.Short,P.Mort - 1998-00-00
9 :     Bound to Eternity 15m 19sport
 Left of the offwidth corner.
FA: J.Clarke - 1996-00-00
10 :     Thunderfart     IMG 35m 14trad
 Tecnically starts in the corner right of the slot!
The Corner/Offwidth to top.
FA: J.Croker,B.Ratter - 1974-00-00
11 :     Murial's Wedding & Russell's Divorce 12m 19sport
FA: S.Wainwright,K.Symonds - 1996-00-00
12 :     Noodle     IMGIMG 12m 15sport
FA: G.Short,P.Mort - 1998-00-00
13 :     Lexical Density     IMGIMG 25m 18sport
 Technically this also starts up the corner below but most people do it off the ledge!
FA: G.Short,P.Mort - 1998-00-00
14 :     Charlene     IMG 30m 20mixed
 Right of LD.
Wall to horizontal break, right and up wall to top.
FA: A.Prehn,R.Young - 1982-00-00
15 :     
Public Pressure
28m 17mixed
 As for 'Mezzaluna' but left, then left again at about 12m.
FA: M.Colyvan,P.Colyvan - 1982-00-00
16 :     Mezzaluna     IMGIMG 25m 16sport
 Has become a bit of a classic.
FA: G.Short,P.Mort - 1998-00-00
17 :     High Society 25m 18mixed
 A little way up the ramp towards the ledge.
Up about 10m to'friend' pocket on right, left past bolts and up to top. Take Care!
FA: M.Colyvan,G.Hill - 1982-00-00
18 :     Shabby Doll 20m 15trad
 5m right of HS. Lefthand route on the short wall.
FA: M.Colyvan,G.Hill - 1982-00-00
19 :     Unknown 15m 18mixed
 Left of the Offwidth. Take Care.
FA: Unknown
20 :     Frolic     IMG 15m 9trad
 Solo of course!
The offwidth. Would be nice with a lower off.
FA: R.Young - 1982-00-00
21 :     Unknown 12m 17sport
 Carrots right of F.
FA: Unknown
22 :     Unethical 12m 17sport
Right again.
FA: P.Matysek - 1983-00-00
23 :     Stinkeye 12m 15sport
 Right again.
FA: G.Short,P.Mort - 1998-00-00
24 :     Unknown 12m 17sport
 Right again.
FA: Unknown

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