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Wentworth's Gully

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 09. Mt York (incl. Zap Crag, Barden's LO & The Land of The Giants, The Soft Parade & New York)
      - 07. Mt York Shady Side
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Description:Probably the best way to get to the climbs on the Shady Side. Getting a little eroded due to all the current traffic.
Location:The track starts from a small clearing - often used for camping. The track is marked by a large tree stump and a cairn. This is easiest to find by parking in the Mt York turning circle area, and walking back towards Mt Victoria for about 50m, it's on your right. Follow track down and through easy downclimb to cliff base. Turn right to the 'Mezzaluna Area', left for the rest. This is the last section of Mt York Shady Side. The next area is Barden's Lookout.
Rock:   Walk:   <5 mins
Wet Weather:Damp
Kid friendly:YesAuthor:mjw



1 :     Grand Larceny 30m 13trad
 A good looking line.
20m right of the gully facing the cliff.
Slightly overhanging corner, then corner to the top.
FA: J.Bishop,J.Aalders,Mr(?)Wilson - 1974-00-00
2 :     Inter City Blues 25m 18mixed
 4m right.
Short corner, onto wall to small ledge, up right to top.
FA: A.Prehn,R.Young - 1982-00-00
    Unnamed1 20m - mixed
 Carrots (ssgins), FH and probably a piece of gear heading left up grey slab to LOs.
FA: Unknown - 2013-02-00
    Unnamed2 20m - mixed
 Start as for previous route then head up and right.
FA: Unknown - 2013-02-00
3 :     Unknown 20m 19mixed
About 15m right. Under the roof.
FA: Unknown
4 :     Last Call for Fame and Glory 25m 18mixed
 At short corner 40m right of ICB.
Corner to ledge. Left and belay (2.5m). Up wall past bolts and overhang.
FA: M.Colyvan,J.Smoothy,R.Weigand,P.Colyvan - 1982-00-00
5 :     Second Thoughts     IMG 25m 11trad
 As for LCfFaG but continue up the main corner.
FA: J.Bishop,J.Aalders,S.Van der Sluys - 1974-00-00
6 :     Popular Opinion 20m 19mixed
 A bit of banter - "Colyvan was under intense pressure to do this route in defience of Ralph's clain to the upper half...via his direct start. All kinds of serious threats were levelled by his 'friends', including being struck off The Regulars List for Life" -A.P
As for ST. 1m right of secont corner.
Through bulge (bolt) then up wall to top.
FA: M.Colyvan,G.Hill,P.Colyvan - 1982-00-00
7 :     Popularity Stakes 15m 23mixed
 2m right of LCfFaG.
Left around the bulge then finish as for PO. 3 bolts.
FA: G.Bradbury,J.Smoothy - 1988-00-00
8 :     Serious Leather     IMG 25m 22mixed
 Wall 4m right.
Wall, flake and small corner to roof. Over and onto wall above.
FA: S.Knight,R.Weigand - 1982-00-00
9 :     Deep Freeze 40m 20mixed
 1.5m right again.
Up to roof and over to top.
FA: R.Young.A.Prehn - 1980-00-00
10 :     Weigand's Effort     IMG 30m 22mixed
 Ther is a grafitti mark to the LEFT of the climb. Ignore this!
Short corner to roof 4m right of SL.
Corner to roof (bolt on left)Over roof and up thin wall.
FA: R.Weigand,G.Hill - 1982-00-00
11 :     Impotent Narcissus     IMG 30m 18mixed
 A fine roof crack on good rock!
1m right of WE. Roof crack.
Up, across roof, then corner rightwards to top.
FA: H.Luxford,C.Peisker - 1976-00-00
12 :     Over Under Upside Down 15m 22mixed
 Right of IN.
FA: G.Bradbury - 1983-00-00

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