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Vox Populi Wall

  - 09 Southern Tablelands (inc. Bungonia, Wingello, Mt Alexandra & Snowy Mtns)
    - Mt Alexandra
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Description:This is the very prominent 85° wall with a small overlap near the top. The first two routes Trollberg and Pinocheo's nose aren't actually on this wall but to the R.
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Corner From Hell
15m 16trad
 Start: 15m left of C.
Up obvious corner (dubious pro) to tree belay
FA: David Duke (solo)
    Corner From Heaven   -   verified     IMGIMG 20m 18sport
7 bolts
 Up the obvious easiest line at the corner, then the weakness in the headwall. All credit to the madman who soloed it !
As for Corner from Hell
Up the corner wandering right at one third height then balance up the headwall to the same anchor as Chicken and Chook
FA: Simon Vaughan - 2010-00-00
FFA: Simon Vaughan - 2010-00-00
    Lammers Project 10m - sport
 At obvious blunt feature full of bolts and chalk
Get up there and crimp and dance
    Sentry Duty   -   verified     IMG 10m 22sport
 The inviting feature that is way harder than appears
3 metres right of Surprise
Easy start to punchy and finicky moves to get into the sentry box to finish
FA: Simon Vaughan - 2009-00-00
FFA: Simon Vaughan
    Surprise     IMGIMG 15m 20sport
 Start: 10m left of CFH, near tree.
Up past 4 RBs to double RB lower off.
FA: Gavin Murray, Simon Vaughan - 2002-00-00
    Mousetrap     IMGIMG 15m 19sport
 Start: 2m left of S.
Fine short wall to ledge. Beautiful balance moves to last bolt. 4 RBs to lower off on T.

FA: Simon Vaughan, L. Robinson, Gavin Murray - 2001-00-00
    Trollberg     IMG 16m 22sport
 A weird crux section at 3rd bolt (can be avoided on L, don't!). Start at bulgy face with RB's 14m L of CFH. Up to double rings.
FA: Mark Farrel, Cameron Breeze, Mark Pauluffchenko - 1997-00-00
    Trollberg McDougall     IMG 16m 19sport
 Same as Trollberg, but at 3rd bolt move to the left and use the crack, then up and back on the climb and continue to anchors.
FA: Mark Farrel, Cameron Breeze, Mark Pawlutschenko - 1997-00-00
    Pinocchio's Nose 18m 18mixed
 Not too bad, start: 2m left of T, below dirty corner crack.
Up the crack (4 RBs plus natural gear) to tree belay.
FA: Mark Farrel, Cameron Breeze, Mark Pawlutschenko - 1997-00-00
    Hugh Town     IMGIMG 15m 18sport
 Steep Start up blunt arete as for Red Room then balance up featured slab to same lower off as Red Room
FA: Simon Vaughan - 2006-10-08
    The Red Room     IMGIMG 16m 18sport
 Start: 2m left of PN.
Haul onto wall, then edge up arete passing 4 RBs. Double RB lower off.
FA: Simon Vaughan, Gavin Murray - 2001-00-00
    Dorothy the Dinosaur     IMG 16m 17sport
 Start 4m L of PN. Up past 5 RB's to Lower offs.
FA: Mark Farrel, Cameron Breeze, Mark Pawlutschenko - 1997-00-00
    Three and a Half Thousand     IMGIMGIMG 16m 20sport
 REBOLTED 20/09/2012 A ripper of a climb, great slopey slab climbing. Up the wall past RBs, thru small overlap to anchors.
FA: Mark Farrel, Cameron Breeze, Mark Pawlutschenko - 1997-00-00
    Vox Populi     IMGIMG 16m 18mixed
 Fabulous wall and small roof, the best 18 in the area. Start 5m L of TaHT below and left of FH. Up past 3 FH's and #1 cam or wires in flaring crack to U anchor. The 2nd FH has been replaced with a RB, and now climb past U bolt to 2 RB Lower offs shared with <I>Silver Fox.
FA: Garth Miller, Dave Duke - 1992-00-00
    Silver Fox     IMG 16m 20sport
 Start 4m left of VP. Up slab with some nice balancy moves. Move right and cross VP and straight up over rooflet. 5RB to DRB Lower off.
FA: Jason Lammers - 2006-00-00
    Vox Populi Lite 16m 22mixed
 Trad Economics on this one. As for VP.Up Vox Populi to move left at ledge at bottom of crack and up thin looking wall to gain lower off ring on Vox Populi finish. Protect using good preplaced cams in break above the thin wall with long slings and pro as for Vox Populi up to and including the crack.
FA: Gavin Murray, Simon Vaughan - 2002-00-00
    Iclimb     IMGIMG 15m 20sport
 Up Silver Fox past newly added first bolt and up to rock over past the bulge and straight up the headwall to DRB anchors in orange scoop.
Start as for Silver Fox
Fine balancy climbing just after the start and on to the anchors.
FA: Simon Vaughan / Jason Lammers - 2012-10-04
FFA: Simon Vaughan - 2012-00-00
    Michael in Shorts 16m 16mixed
 Start: 3m left of VP, below corner.
Up the corner then over the overlap (BR) to tree belay.
FA: Craig Martin - 1996-00-00
    Michael in Vox     IMG 16m 18mixed
 For an excellent pumps and slightly more convenient version of Micheal in Shorts traverse R at break above BR to join VP
FA: Craig Martin - 1996-00-00
    Digit Dave 15m 12trad
 Up corner to step L and up second vague corner.
FA: David and Simon Duke - 1990-00-00
    Selective Cleansing 10m 14sport
3 bolts
 Up blunt juggy arete.
Start just left off the corner
The holds that you need are clean!! Now the easiest route at Mt Alex!!
FA: Simon Vaughan - 2012-09-22
FFA: Simon Vaughan - 2012-09-22

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