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Trackside (Bouldering)

  - Gariwerd (The Grampians)
    - 01. Northern Grampians - Mt Zero Range
      - 05. Mt. Stapylton Amphitheatre
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Description:[Topo's are in 1st draft stage] As the name suggests, it is on the trackside when you are heading towards the summit of Mt. Stapylton, as well as trackside if you are heading Taipan wall. Various boulders requiring different skills including monos, to the highball problem. Fairly good landing for most of this area.
Location:Take the walking track from Mt Zero carpark and continue over Flat Rock, past Epsilon Wall. Continue straight along the main track past the "Mt. Stapylton 1.7Km" sign. The boulders appear alongside the track soon afterwards. PDF bouldering map of this area is on its way.
Rock:   Walk:   15-30 mins
Kid friendly:YesAuthor:Hatsu



1 :     Some Days You Bore     IMGIMG V2
 Location: Simon Says Boulder.
1a :     Some Days You Score     IMG V4
 Location: Simon Says Boulder
The direct sit-start of the previous problem.
2 :     Some Days You're A Whore     IMG V3
 Location: Simon Says Boulder.

2a :     Check Your Traps V1
 Location : Simon Says Boulder.
3 :     Shattering Dreams     IMG V6
 Location: Wiggly Boulder.

Sit-start on the left face of the undercut arete opposite Sick Nutter. Pull on via gastons, then up to the big slope to topout slightly left.
4 :     Wiggly Boy     IMGIMG V3
 Location: The Wiggly Boulder.
Sit-start right of Shattering Dreams matching a big undercling. Slap to the small edge, then mantle to finish. Harder than a lot of other 3's in the area.

5 :     Paranoiac Critical Town     IMGIMGIMG V2
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
Sit-start at the base of the blunt arete next to the tree (Taipan facing side). Climb the line via a series of slopes past the twin pockets.
6 :     Breakfast of Champions     IMG V6
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
Starts left of 'Paranoic' arete and climbs the face rightwards via small slopers.
    Premium Port     IMG V3
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
Sit-starts left of 'Breakfast of Champions' at the flakeline, and climbs up via a LH mono pocket.
    Hard Right V3
 Location: The Amazing Boulder
Same start as for previous problem but take a right-trending line via the mono to edges.
    V0 Mantle V0
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
Starts right of the tree and mantles over the shelf to topout. Pretty ordinary.
    Lessons in Socialism     IMGIMG V5
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
An excellent problem starting with a sit-start just right of the nose of 'Cardigan Street'. Start with two edges and topout via the big sidepull and slopey finish.
10 :     Cardigan St Massacre     IMGIMGIMG V7
 Location: The Amazing Boulder
Very low sit-start right underneath the boulder starting with a pinch and 3-finger pocket. Launch out towards the lip whilst attempting to keep your feet on. Slap around the lip for slopers and pretend not to cut loose. Topout.
11 :     The V5 Sit     IMG V5
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
Sit-start left of Cardigan at a good edge and awkward undercling. Climb straight up to topout.
12 :     The V2 Sit     IMG V2
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
Sit-start just left of the V5 Sit and make a big move for the sloping break. Match this then go for the topout.
12a :     The V8 Sit     IMG V8
 Takes the seam from a sit-start right of Sick Nutter and just left of the V2 Sit problem.
13a :     Media Construct     IMG V3
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
Sit-start at the large pocket (the start of Sick Nutter) and traverse left along the sloping breaks to finish up Paranoic Critical Town.
13b :     The Animator     IMG V4
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
Same start as previous problem, but head diagonally up left to topout.
13c :     Sick Nutter     IMGIMGIMG V5
 Location: The Amazing Boulder.
An area classic. Sit-start at the big pocket (as for previous problems) and head straight up via the LH edge and the RH seam to topout.
14 :     Waxing the Screen     IMG V2
 Location: The Website Boulder.

Climbs a line up the right-side of the big slab alongside the track leading up to Taipan Wall.
15 :     Surfing Without A Mouse     IMGIMG V3
 Location: The Website Boulder.
Takes the central weakness up the big slab, left of the previous problem. Very much a highball problem.
16 :     The Masturgator     IMG V3
 Location: The Website Boulder.
Probably the scariest of the trio of slab routes hereabouts. Takes the line near the left arete of the slab.
    The Bolt Torque Project V0
 Location: The Bolt Boulder.

From the right-tilting break and edge, up to the double pockets to topout. Still unclimbed?
    The Bolt of Old Regret V6
 Location: The Bolt Boulder.
Line to the right of the double-pocket feature ending in a topout. As with all problems on this small wall - sit-start.
    Highway to Avdell V2
 Location: The Bolt Boulder.
Sit-start with a small undercling in front of the solitary rock landing. Topout.
    Faulty Bolty, Mr B. V5
 Location: The Bolt Boulder.
Takes the furthest-most RH line via small pockets from a sit-start. Again, like most problems on this small wall - not very appealing!
21 :     V3 Sit V3
 Location: The Bolt Boulder.
Located on the backside of the detached block left of the Bolt Boulder (facing the main problems). Sit-start, then climb up right into the black looking rock.
22 :     Reacharound     IMG V2
 Location: The Love Boulder.
An eliminate dyno problem. Start match on the horizontal, then make a big dyno for the obvious pocket. Eliminate in that you could use the sloper off to the left.
23 :     Child Of Love     IMGIMGIMG V2
 Location: The Love Boulder.
Makes Paranoic Critical Town seem like a walk in the park for the V2 boulderer. Sit-start at base of arete, then up slopers and edges just right of the Reacharound dyno problem.
24 :     Ignorance Rains V3
 Location: The Love Boulder.
A highball problem. Climb the slab right of the arete (Child Of Love) to topout.
25 :     Sexy as a Turd     IMG V2
 Location: The Love Boulder.
Not that sexy. Climb rightwards and up to jugs just right of the start of the previous problem.
26 :     Ministry of Love     IMGIMGIMG V6
 Location: The Love Boulder.
A classic. On the other end of the boulder left of Child Of Love is this steep slope-fest. Start under the roof at a large down-sloping 'jug', reach out to the lip on the right for a small pinch, then attempt to surmont the wall via slopers.
27 :     Ministry LHV     IMGIMG V6
 Location: The Love Boulder.
Really an independant line. Start to the left of Ministry of Love on a good jug (left of the pocket). Make a big move up to a good pocket in the overhanging face, then continue out right to an edge and 'vulcan' pocket hold. Dyno for slopers around the bulge, and topout. Easier said than done. Can also be started from the down-sloping jug of the previous problem - but why bother?
28 :     Naprosyn     IMG V5
 Location: The Anti-I Boulder.

Sit-start with a good LH edge and right foot on a arete footer. Reach up for the overhead gaston with RH, then up to the hanging pinch with the left. Topout.
29 :     Voltaren V5
 Location: The Anti-I Boulder.

Starts on the right-side of the face right of Naprosyn.
30 :     One Flash and You're Ash V1
 Location: The Inflammatorie Boulder.

Large crack on the boulder opposite Ministry of Love.
31 :     Something's Burning V0
 Location: The Inflammatorie Boulder.

Takes the line to the right of 'One Flash'.
    100 Pint Club     IMGIMG V9
 Location: 100 Pint Wall
A dynamic problem residing on the overhanging wall behind and uphill from the Website Boulder. Make a huge move to the smallish edge. Not to be confused with Epsilom Wall's 100 Pound Club.
FA: Klem Loskot - 1999-00-00
    2 Can Sam Club     IMG V6
 Location: 100 Pint Wall
Takes the line just left of 100 Pint Club.
FA: Gavin Portier
    Upper V3 V3
 Location: Upper Boulder
Sit-start on the arete nearest the track.
    Upper V2 V2
 Location: Upper Boulder
Sit-start on the left side of the back wall (right of the arete). Can be done by climbing left, or up right.
    Upper V4 V4
 Location: Upper Boulder
Takes the central line on the back of the 'Upper Boulder'. Sit-start, then scary topout.
    Upper V5 V5
 Location: Upper Boulder
Sit-start at the right arete of the back wall (just right of the V4 highball).
    Un-named#1 V0
 Location: Upper Boulder area
Unknown problem (lefthand line) on wall opposite the Upper Boulder.
    Un-named#2 V0
 Location: Upper Boulder area
Unknown problem (righthand line) on wall opposite the Upper Boulder.
    Left El Westwood V9
 Location: Paul's Boulder
A sit-start problem climbing up and left to topout.
FA: Paul Westwood

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