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Hollywood Bowl - Main Wall

  - Gariwerd (The Grampians)
    - 07. The Victoria Range
      - 2. Red Rock Road (incl. Muline, Mt Fox, Red Rocks, Far Pavilion, The Tower)
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Description:Great climbs, particularly in the easier grade of good length on good rock with good gear. Set high in the Vic Range you get beautiful views and a high likelihood of seeing eagles float by as you climb.
Location:Follow the Mt Fox track to Mt Fox (around 25mins) then cut left at the base of the crag and hack your way up the steep hill. The crag is visible from Red Rock Road. The track from Mt Fox takes you to this area in the region of "Arrows of Desire". Descent for all routes in this area is an abseil from a good bollard towards the left of the main wall area.
Rock:   Walk:   30-60 mins
Wet Weather:Soaked
Kid friendly:YesAuthor:jgoding


Map One

(scaled down)

Map One

(scaled down)


    Cornered By Fans 15m 10trad
 The clean corner at the L end of the slab.

About 250—300m L of the main ‘bowl’ is a smooth recessed slab, bounded by corners at both ends. There you will find this route.
FA: David Brereton, James McIntosh - 1991-11-01
    Scalper’s Egress 12m 9trad
 The central line on the wall, above the highest point of the huge detached block.
Up the crack and L-facing corner above. David Brereton, James McIntosh Nov 91.
    Cherub 25m 8trad
 To the L of Cannes is a short wall capped by a cavernous roof, with a distinctive flaring chimney at its R-hand end. The Cannes rappel is directly above this. Start at the boulder somewhere near the centre of this wall where a vague line leads up and L toward the cave above.
Traverse L just below the cave to the corner at the L end of the cave to belay. Traverse easily to the R to abseil as for Cannes.
FA: Ylva Wakefield, Tim Day - 1996-04-01
    Cannes 30m 10trad
 The L of the two obvious cracks just around L of Bowled Out. Climb the crack for about 10m. Traverse easily L to finish up the arête. Abseil off.
FA: Tony Wilson, James McIntosh - 1991-07-01
    Nice 30m 8trad
 The R crack and corner behind.
FA: Tony Wilson, James McIntosh - 1991-07-01
    Bowled Out 65m 13trad
 Start directly below the ‘bowl’. 1) 45m Climb up into the foot of the ‘bowl’ then avoid major difficulty and lack of protection by skirting up and left around the ‘bowl’. 2) 20m Up easily.
FA: Ian Ravenscroft, Chris Baxter (alt), Dave Gairns March - 1989-01-01
    The Enchantress 70m 18trad
 Rather contrived. An enjoyable enough route, but not in the same league as Romancing Times. 1) 35m (crux) As for Romancing Times but head up just L of the brown rock past an obvious under-cling at 25m. 2) 35m Up R, taking both overhangs pretty much direct.
FA: Melanie and James McIntosh (alt) - 1992-06-00
Romancing Times     IMGIMG
??m - trad
 Despite the crux being very run-out, James is reported to have declared this ‘the best new route we have ever done’.
Start as for Bowled Out.
1) 10m As for Bowled Out to scoop. 2) 50m (crux) Up and slightly R across centre of the ‘bowl’ past a hidden hold to a tiny flake (poor #0.75 cam and RPs). Delicately up slab to join Arrows of Desire at weakness in first mini-roof.
FA: Melanie McIntosh, James McIntosh - 1991-07-00
    Arrows of Desire     IMGIMG 52m 16trad
 A pleasant mixture of slab climbing and exposed but juggy face-climbing. Start below central rib, on face R of ‘bowl’. 1) 12m Climb the slab and veer R to belay at the L end of a ledge, at a tree. 2) 40m Go up L on to the slabby rib and climb it to the little roof. Go L and pull through the weakness. Up to the next roof, over it, and up cracks to the top.
FA: Chris and Sue Baxter - 1987-06-00
    The Ballad of Idwal Slabs     IMG 55m 17trad
 1) 15m Up main L-leading dyke to belay as for Arrows of Desire. 2) 40m Straight up to the R end of first little roof on Arrows of Desire. Move R to easier ground, then head diagonally up L to finish on prow.
FA: James McIntosh, Tony Wilson - 1991-07-00
The Ballad of Idwal Slabs direct finish
40m 21trad
 Good climbing with a poorly protected crux. Start from ledge at The Ballad of Idwal Slabs anchor. 1) 40m Straight up to, and through small break in roof-let R of Arrows of Desire. Traverse 2m L on flakes (poor RPs) to shallow groove. Up this (poor RPs), then delicately up and R to ledge. Finish up R side of prow.
FA: Aaron Campbell, Mick Jennings - 1997-11-00
    Metropolis     IMG 55m 17trad
 Not bad. 1) 15m As for Chariots of Fire. 2) 40m Climb the wall tending L to a ledge. Move up to the base of the R diagonal ramp. Mantel, then directly up steep head wall.
FA: Ylva Wakefield, Tim Day (alt) - 1996-12-00
    Chariot of Fire     IMGIMG 52m 15trad
 Similar climbing to Arrows of Desire but steeper and on even better holds. Start just R of the Ballad of Idwal Slabs, 4m L of the little corner. 1) 16m Climb the slab to a ledge. 2) 36m Climb the wall directly above to finish up twin cracks.
FA: Chris and Sue Baxter - 1987-06-00
    Metropolis 55m 17trad
 Start as for Chariot Of Fire.
FA: yiva Wakefield, Tim Day (alt) - 1996-12-14
P1(15m, -)As for Chariot Of Fire.
P2(40m, 17)Climb the wall tending left to the ledge. Move up to the base of the right diagonal ramp. Mantle this, then directly up the steep headwall.
    Modern Times     IMGIMG 60m 17trad
 1) 25m As for Ancient Times to R-hand end of the ledge. Progress to block at top of slab. 2) 35m (crux) Up and R across wall on in-cuts to base of juggy crack in steep wall. Motor up (sling runners) to a rest on the lip. Cross Ancient Times to finish directly up the steep, juggy head-wall.
FA: Ylva Wakefield, Tim Day (alt) - 1996-04-00
    Ancient Times     IMGIMG 60m 14trad
 Quite exposed on the traverse. 1) 35m Climb the scooped line R of Chariots of Fire into the corner above. Go up the corner to the R end of the slabby ledge and up the corner above. When just below the roof step R to a ledge. 2) 25m Pull over the overhang above the belay and traverse back L (watch rope-drag) on the lip into the L-leaning arch, which is followed in a dramatic position until the line heads up the steep wall above on surprising holds. 2a) 30m, grade 15**. traverse 4m left from belay, head up through the juggy break in small roof(!) in to the original line. Well protected.
FA: Dave Gairns, Chris Baxter (alt), Ian Ravenscroft - 1989-03-00
    Ancient Times Direct     IMGIMG 20m 14trad
 40m 15, the 'S' shaped crack system. Up the line 10m to overhang [watch for brittle rock], through it to the original line.
Start as for Ancient Times
FA: Tim Wallace, Hannah Loki and Phil Cutlet - 2005-04-09
P1(20m, 14)Up and belay at right hand edge of the sloping ledge at around 20 metres.
    Bubbles of Fantasy 60m 10trad
 Start 15m R of Ancient Times. 1) 30m Follow the delightful arête. 2) 30m Climb the flake to the roof, L (brittle) into gully and up.
FA: Melanie & James McIntosh - 1990-11-00

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