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Eureka Wall

  - Gariwerd (The Grampians)
    - 07. The Victoria Range
      - 1. Camp Of The Emu's Foot Track (incl. Eureka Wall, Gondwanaland, Lost World)
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Description:Steve Monks had a verrrry good month in February 1991.
Location:Drive about 3 km along Camp of The Emu Foot Track to the highest point in the road and a small parking area on the left. Follow a rough, cairned track. 35 minute walk up the hill. It's worth going a further 200 metres(approx.) east along the road from the parking area to get a view of the cliff. The topo photo was taken from that point.
Rock:   Walk:   30-60 mins
Wet Weather:Damp
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:nmonteith


Map One

(scaled down)

Map One

(scaled down)


1 :     Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle 50m 17trad
 The position and momentum of this route can not be simultaneously determined. Not in the same class as the rest of the crag.
The next crack left of Newton's Law, 3 metres left of Maxwell's Demon, move left at ledge and continue straight up.
FA: James and Melanie McIntosh - 1992-05-15
2 :     Maxwell's Demon 20m 20trad
 A thought experiment intended to show that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics has only a statistical certainty.
Start 4m L of Newton's Law.
Wall just R of easy crack to ledge, trend R up grooves.
FA: James & Melanie McIntosh with a rest or 2. - 1992-05-00
3 :     Newton's Law     IMGIMG 30m 24trad
 Noddy's physics need a brush up...there are three Newton's laws, not one!
Start under the nice thin crack on the L side of the wall.
A great thin crack to the walk-off ledge.
FA: Keith Lockwood, Steve Monks - 1991-02-00
4 :     Darwin's Theory     IMG 55m 18trad
 Survival of the fittest. Described without the third pitch so that it gets noticed as a good 2 pitch 18.
Start as for Newton's Law.
FA: Steve Monks, Keith Lockwood - 1991-02-00
P1(30m, 18)Up Newton's Law for 5m then R to the line of big white scooped out pockets. Up these (take slings for threads), then a piton for the finish to the break.
P2(25m, 18)Hand traverse R along the rising break to the rap anchor above Pythagoras' Theorem.
5 :     Foucault's Pendulum     IMG 45m 24trad
 A great pitch that goes all on natural gear. Follow the first pitch of Darwin's Theory to the second thread in the huecos (just below the piton). From the big thread, traverse out right across the weakness that is visible leading all the way across into Archimede's Principle, finishing as for that route.
FA: Ross Taylor, Adam Demmert - 2009-11-05
6 :     Archimedes' Principle     IMGIMGIMG 60m 26mixed
2 bolts
 "Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object." Routes like this are why you travel for hours/days to get to the Grampians. Often worked in 1 pitch from the ground.
Start under a low bolt at the base of the most impressive part of the wall.
FA: Keith Lockwood (p1), Steve Monks (p2&3) - 1991-02-00
P1(20m, 22, 1 bolts)Up past the bolt then R along a break to a semi-hanging belay.
P2(30m, 26)The grey line of holds up the otherwise blank wall. Sucks up dozens of med-large wires.
P3(10m, 26, 1 bolts)A little boulder problem around the roof past a bolt. Nobody seems to bother with this.
7 :     Archimedes' Principle - Pythagoras' Theorem link 30m 22mixed
1 bolts
 Start as for AP
Climb Archimedes' Principle to belay of first pitch then continue along break to Pythagoras' Theorem. Either belay in corner or climb down to Pythagoras' Theorem first pitch ledge.
FFA: Adam Demmert, Jono schmidt - 2009-00-00
8 :     Ockham's Razor     IMG 40m 26mixed
5 bolts
 "The simplest explanation or strategy tends to be the best one"
This is a direct of the arête of Pythagoras' Theorem and was climbed as one long pitch. Start as for PT first pitch, at ledge clip first bolt and climb face between arête and corner. When level with first bolt move on to arête proper and follow this all the way to the top alcove. There is a tricky crux just before you join PT on the arête. 5 carrot bolts and trad.
FFA: Adam Demmert - 2009-00-00
9 :     Pythagoras' Theorem     IMGIMGIMG 40m 26mixed
3 bolts
 a2 + b2 = c2. Prepare your groin for some hypotenuse action. The other ultra-classic line here.
It's supposed to finish via the third pitch of Darwin's Theory but this is often ignored.
Start under the central corner.
FA: Keith Lockwood (1), Steve Monks (2&3) - 1991-02-00
P1(10m, 20)Pocketed crack to ledge at base of corner.
P2(30m, 26, 3 bolts)The stemming corner, then move left and finish up the arete.
10 :     Darwin's Theory pitch 3 10m 23trad
 Natural selection in action: nobody does this.
Start at the rap anchor above Pythagoras' Theorem.
Follow the break R under the roof then top out.
FA: Steve Monks, Keith Lockwood - 1991-02-00
11 :     Schrodinger's Cat     IMGIMG 40m 25mixed
4 bolts
 Kitty is simultaneously alive and dead ... until you look.
Start 15m R of PT.
Short steep corner crack then L up ramp past bolt. Back R through overlap to 3 more bolts up the wall above.
FA: Steve Monks, Martin Scheel - 1991-02-00
12 :     The Alkali Tide 50m 16trad
 Worth doing for the second pitch experience.
Start under overhang at right end of wall.
FA: Wade Stevens, Tim Day - 1996-12-22
P1(30m, 16)Boulder the roof then up to ledge. Slither up through overhang. Up 1 metre right of faded guano streak. Up and past left end of grassy ledge (slings). Belay on arete.
P2(20m, 1)Up.

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