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The Australian Route Register

The Lost World

  - Gariwerd (The Grampians)
    - 07. The Victoria Range
      - 1. Camp Of The Emu's Foot Track (incl. Eureka Wall, Gondwanaland, Lost World)
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Location:Drive along Camp Of The Emus Foot Track for 2km to parking bay on the left. Follow cairned walking track until cairns run out then head left over the black slabs towards the tiered orange wall
Rock:   Walk:   30-60 mins
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:nmonteith


Map One

(scaled down)


1 :     The Go-Between 79m 7trad
 Start below the right of three large chimney-cracks angling sharply to the left.
FA: Chris O'Brien, Chris Baxter (alt) - 1975-06-08
P1(34m, 7)Start on massive jugs and continue up and left into the line. Belay out on the left wall when the crack bends sharpest to the left.
P2(45m, 7)Climb the left wall to the top.
2 :     Indiana Jones     IMG 80m 22trad
 Quite a bit of excitement. Takes the big orange wall right of The Go-Between. Start a few metres right of that climb.
FA: Steve Monks, Keith Lockwood - 1991-03-30
P1(40m, 22)Around overhang and up wall following a vague orange streak between three overhangs. Step right to belay in an eyrie.
P2(40m, 22)Tend left up wall to smooth red streak then straight up wall. Step left to go through break in overhang and up final wall.
3 :     Orinoco Flow     IMGIMGIMG 30m 26mixed
1 bolts
 Mind-blowing roof and arete.
One of the best steep trad routes in the land and utterly unlikely at the grade. Climb the slab (on the right), to roof, clip bolt, then launch out through it on natural gear, followed by wall above (crux).
FA: Malcolm Matheson
4 :     The Mind Tinker 130m 14trad
 It is thought that this route takes the big easy line up the lower tier and crosses the upper terrace to the yellow corner, probably neasr Humboldt. Looks worthless.
In the middle of the cliff right of The Go-Between an easy-angled grey corner is the only break in the initial overhangs. Above is an impressive yellow corner.
FA: Chris Baxter, Chris O'Brien (alt) - 1975-06-08
P1(45m, 14)A tricky start then doddle up just right of the corner to a tree belay.
P2(25m, -)Up easily to terrace below the yellow corner.
P3(45m, 14)Fight up the vines into the chimney 9just left of Humboldt and bridge up this to a ledge.
P4(15m, -)Easily up jugs on left arete.
5 :     Red LIne     IMGIMGIMG??m28Unknown
 Staggering red arete
FA: Malcolm Matheson
    Rouge     IMGIMGIMG??m23mixed
2 bolts
 Flake and steep orange wall right of Redline. 2 FHs and full rack required. Rap chain.
FA: Malcolm Matheson - 2011-00-00
6 :     Casiquiare 25m 21Unknown
 Great climbing up a corner followed by a series of overhangs.Start down left of Roraima and climb initial wall on pockets, trending right into the line.Straight up line all the way.
FA: Malcolm Matheson, Tim Lockwood, Keith Lockwood - 2003-10-04
7 :     Roraima     IMGIMG 25m 18Unknown
 Obvious crack splitting the orange tower.Straight up all the stepped overhangs.
FA: Malcolm Matheson, Keith Lockwood - 2003-08-15
8 :     Toucan     IMGIMG 60m 19Unknown
 Rivals Roraima as an instant classic.Takes the wall topped by a jutting triangular roof which underpins a hanging headwall.
FA: Keith Lockwood, Tim Lockwood (alt) - 2003-09-27
P1(30m, 19)Beautiful crack which bisects the otherwise smooth wall.When the angle eases, head up diagonally right to belay near arete.
P2(30m, 19)Step left to little orange corner.Verge right up wall and pull over roof. Traverse left along lip of the roof to the brink (fantastic exposure), then up headwall to top, finishing just left of little triangular summit overhang.
9 :     Cosmos     IMGIMG 35m 22Unknown
 Left line up impressive orange wall, finishing through big roof.
FA: Malcolm Matheson, 2003. - 2003-00-00
10 :     Humboldt 35m 22Unknown
 Start up pockets as for Cosmos, then traverse right along break.Up past BR and continue up line past another BR to rap station at roof (just to the right).
FA: Malcolm Matheson, Keith Lockwood - 2003-08-15
11 :     A Space Odyssey     IMGIMGIMG 33m 27Unknown
 This is the gigantic roof just left of Little Boy Lost. Looks like the prow of a battleship, as seen from the waterline.First pitch goes up to and second pitch underclings the upside-down roof arête.
FA: Malcolm Matheson - 2003-09-00
P1(25m, 26)Black rounded arête immediately right of the chimney/gulch. You have to bridge up the gully to start, followed by awkward and off balance arete climbing.
P2(8m, 27)Climb the super exposed upside-down roof-arête.
12 :     The Obelisk     IMG??m27Unknown
 From first belay of A Space Odyssey do roof to right of A Space Odyssey's second pitch.
FA: Malcolm Matheson - 2003-09-00
13 :     Little Boy Lost     IMGIMG 55m 24trad
 The second pitch goes up through the sensational overhangs with some runouts and several no-hands rests.
FA: Simon Mentz, Louise Shepherd - 1991-02-28
P1(15m, 23)Sustained under-clinging leads to semi-hanging belay.
P2(25m, 24)From belay, go right, up, and back left, weaving around arete to belay below final roof.
P3(15m, 17)Step left, up, traverse right and up.

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