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Motocross Wall

  - 05 Sydney Metropolitan Region
    - 06. Hornsby & North (incl. Mt Kuringai, Berowra, and north to the Hawkesbury)
      - Mt Kuring-gai
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Description:Long broken wall of approx 100 metres in length, ranging in height from 10-15 metres. From Slab to roofs its got it all.
Location:Continue past locked gate along the fire trail to motcross course. Veer left along Gundah ridge track for 5 minutes until it takes a sharp right turn. Here take a foot track on your left to the cliff top and scramble down gully. You will hit the cliff base at "The Grudge"
Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Kid friendly:YesAuthor:rodw


Map One



    The Grudge 12m 18sport
 Staight up face on wall directly after access gully. 4RB's. Top out, belay off tress at the top.
In walk down gully.
FA: Rod Wills - 2004-10-01
    Extinction Never felt So Good 12m 17sport
 Up over two ledges to face and crux. 4RB's to lower offs.
15m rt of TG on next prominant wall.
FA: Rod Wills - 2004-10-01
    Dinosaurs Must Die     IMG 12m 19sport
 Up left side of cave onto tricky face. 4RB's to lower offs.
2m rt of ENFSG
FA: Rod Wills - 2003-10-01
    Life On Hold     IMG 12m 20sport
 Hard start. Up right side of slab over small rooflet and onto slab. 4RB's to lower offs.
2n rt of LOH
FA: Vanessa Wills - 2003-10-01
    Petrified Wood 10m 20sport
 Up corner block through break over roof. Will it ever get repeated? 2RB's to shared lower offs with LOH.
2m rt of LOH.
FA: Vanessa Wills - 2003-12-01
    A Dream, Nothing More 10m 15mixed
 Up corner crack (RB), then to up easy corner, placing gear if neeeded.
At corner rt of PW.
FA: Vanessa Wills - 2003-11-01
    Fossilized Thought 10m 18sport
 Boulder up face left of corner crack, step across right to face. Then easily up slab to hard finish. Bridging in the corner up high only gets you 15. 3RB's to lower offs.
Start as for ADNM
FA: Vanessa Wills - 2003-11-01
    Open Project 8m - sport
 Aroound corner on next wall. Over rooflet onto face. Send FA claim to with name and grade. 2 RB's to lower offs.
FA: Equipped by Rod Wills
    Ragged Claw     IMGIMG 15m 23sport
 Over bulge, onto slab then thin face. RB's to lower offs.
Start middle of next face around arete.
FA: Vanessa Wills - 2004-10-01
    Project - Stay off 15m - sport
6 bolts
 Project by Tim Mayer. Up passed 6 ringbolts to DBB.
Start on adjacent wall about 5m to the right of Ragged Claw at thin seem.
    Project - Stay off 18m - sport
7 bolts
 Project by Tim Mayer. Up to second RB then traverse left passed two more RBs then up passing 3 more RBs to DBB half way along big wall.

Start on bulging ramp about 1.5m left of Pinkie Shredder.
    Project - Stay Off 15m - sport
5 bolts
 Project by Tim Mayer.Start 1.5m left of Pinkie Shredder as for previous Project. Straight up wall passed 5 RBs to DBB.
Start on bulging ramp about 1.5m left of Pinkie Shredder.
    Pinkie Shredder 15m 18trad
 Straight up large obvious splitter crack.
On the next wall
FA: Duane White - 2004-12-01
    The Devil Inside     IMGIMGIMG 15m 23sport
 Bouldery start up prow then onto to thin techy face. 4RB's to lower offs
1m rt of PS.
FA: Vanessa Wills - 1004-10-01
    Heresy     IMGIMGIMG 15m 22sport
 Crinmpy classic my all accounts. Bouldery start ober bulge onto face. 5RB's to lower offs.
2m rt of TDI
FA: Rod Wills - 2004-09-01
    Project (closed) 15m - sport
 Up wall and arete, 3 Rb's to lower offs.
2m rt of H.
FA: Project by Josh
    Goblin Grotto 15m 15 M2trad
 Up crack, aidthrough roof up small gully tending left over boulders to top
Start in grotto/cave thing left of Goofy Foot
FA: Colin Larter - 2004-06-01
    Goofy Foot     IMG 10m 19sport
 Up right side of "cave" through jug to top.
2m rt of GG
FA: Vanessa Wills - 2004-06-01
15m 24sport
5 bolts
 Over ledge through middle of "wave" shaped wall. One move Crux weird and high dependent.
8m rt of GF.
FA: Equipped by Vanessa
FFA: Heath Millard - 2013-01-12
    Malibu Rider 10m 13mixed
 Start as for open project, (cam i break if needed) then traverse rt acroos slab (RB) to corner crack then easily up to lower offs.
FA: Vanessa Wills (solo) - 2004-03-01
    Grommet 10m 17trad
 Direct start to MR, straight p crack, lower offs at the top.
Start as for MR
FA: Vanessa Wills - 2004-07-01
    Skank 10m 21sport
 Up through roflet to shallow corner. 3RB's to lower offs
1m rt of G
FA: Equipped:Vanessa Wills, FA: Tim Mayer - 2007-04-15
    Unfinished porject 10m - sport
 Up through some very hard territory in the middle of the cave. Stil needs another bolt.
Middle of cave
FA: Equipped by Josh
    Guns, Germs and Steel 10m 18trad
 The slab tp the small bulging crack line.
5m past cave
FA: Luke Atkinson - 2004-01-01
    Ball Buster 12m 23sport
 Up face and left side of weakness. 3U's to lower offs.
FA: Equipped: Vanessa Wills, FA: Tim Mayer - 2007-04-15
    Somewhere Down The Barrel     IMGIMG 12m 21sport
 Up orange face and weakness. 4RB's to lower offs.
5m rt of GGAS
FA: Elliot Braham - 2004-04-01

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