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West Side

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 09. Mt York (incl. Zap Crag, Barden's LO & The Land of The Giants, The Soft Parade & New York)
      - 04. New York
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Description:The folowing routes are left to right on the West Side.The section to the left of the Big Tree. There has been some very destructive clearing of ferns to add some worthless starts to existing climbs.
Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Wet Weather:Soaked
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:mjw



    Meltdown Town     IMGIMG 8m 23sport
 1st route you come to on the western side of the gully.
FA: S.Squires - 1998-00-00
    Plastic Surgery Disaster     IMGIMG 8m 24sport
FA: S.Squires - 1996-00-00
    Landmines for Line Dancers     IMG 12m 17sport
 Shares a start with Are you Loathsome Tonight. There is a route before this, and someone has added a direct start but they are quite worthless and an environmental abomination.
FA: D.Geraghty,S.Squires - 1996-00-00
    Are You Loathsome Tonight     IMGIMG 12m 18sport
 Straight up.
FA: D.Geraghty,S.Squires - 1996-00-00
    #11     IMGIMG 10m 22sport
    Schizophrenic Sidburns     IMGIMG 12m 17sport
 Take a small friend for the top.
A couple of metres left of the arete - SDS.
FA: D.Geraghty,S.Squires - 1996-00-00
    Spanking De Sade     IMGIMG 12m 21sport
 The arete.
FA: S.Squires,D.Geraghty - 1996-00-00
    The End of Silence     IMGIMG 12m 24sport
FA: S.Squires - 1998-00-00
    The Ita Buttrose Spreadmill Route     IMGIMG 12m 16mixed
 Corner. Traverse right under roof to carrot lower offs?
FA: S.Squires
    Lyrebird Corner     IMGIMG 12m 16trad
 Corner and hand crack.
FA: S.Squires - 1996-00-00
    Fox Force 5     IMGIMG 12m 17sport
 The wall to arete.
FA: S.Squires,D.Geraghty - 1996-00-00
    Spoonbender     IMG 12m 15sport
 The staircase with a hard first step.
Around the arete from FF5.
FA: D.Geraghty,S.Squires - 1996-00-00
    Shovelling out the Paupers     IMGIMG 15m 17trad
 Crack to slab and corner. Abought 20m right of Spoonbender.
FA: S.Squires,D.Geraghty - 1996-00-00
    Flip Your Wig     IMGIMG 10m 22sport
 Rising traverse.
Left hand side og the small gully about 40m right of Spoonbender.
FA: S.Squires,D.Geraghty - 1996-00-00
    The Outsider     IMGIMG 12m 23sport
 The route on the wall to the right of FYW.
Traverse right from undercut start and up the arete.
FA: S.Squires - 1996-00-00

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