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Upper Boyce (Vambrace crag)

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 07. Mt Boyce (incl. Boycetown and Browntown)
      - 03. Upper Boyce (incl. Vambrace Area & Smallpox Crag)
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Description:Short and steep sport climbing.
Rock:   Walk:   5-15 mins
Wet Weather:Damp
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:mjw



    Mr.September     IMG 8m 28sport
 Far left hand route.
FA: N.Sutter - 1997-00-00
    Project??m - sport
FA: M.Baker
    fury 15m 33sport
 a rad gymnastic route, marred by some dodgy glueing. 2 boulder problems inbetween jugs.
15 meters right of mr september.
FA: vince day - 2004-00-00
    Project??m - sport
FA: Open
    Leprosy     IMG 15m 31sport
 dodgy dnya bolt, dont clip this!!! clip the fat ring bolt to the right!!
start 4 meters left of beaten bullied and buggered
FA: V.Day - 2005-00-00
    Beaten,Bullied & Buggered     IMG 15m 26sport
FA: G.Child,J.Smoothy - 1989-00-00
    Six-draw Tall Boy 12m 27sport
 Blunt arete 4m to the right of BB&B.
FA: N.Baker - 2002-00-00
    A Bird in the Bush     IMG 10m 25sport
FA: J.Smoothy - 1989-00-00
    Reaganomics 10m 24sport
FA: J.Smoothy - 1984-00-00
    Watergate 10m 23sport
FA: P.Stebbins,A.Drennen,B.Pearse - 1982-00-00
    Vambrace     IMG 10m 21sport
FA: C.Martin,R.Chick
    Monica's Gate 10m 24sport
 The first route you come to.
FA: G.Trutnovsky,M.Pircher - 1998-00-00

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