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  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 06. Blackheath (incl. Shipley Plateau, Centennial Glen, Perrys Lookdown, etc)
      - 15. Celebrity Crag & Heathcliff
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Description:Mainly sports routes plus a few classic cracklines.
Location:On the cliffline below the minor celebrities. This is the big one that Cathy had the hots for, and with good reason. This is actually the cliffline around and to the right of the base of Porters Pass.
Rock:   Walk:   15-30 mins
Wet Weather:Soaked
Kid friendly:NoAuthor:rogerb



    Spurs of Barren Jangling     IMGIMGIMG 35m 23sport
 Up the middle of the middle (See guide book for remaining routes on this cliff).
At the bottom of the middle. Left of the "project" shown as the leftmost route in the 2007 guidebook topo.
Hard move to get onto the ledge then easily up slab past a carrot (easy to sling if no bolt plate) to base of flake. Up the flake (crux) then follow rings for miles trending right. Last couple of moves are exciting (Double rings at 2/3 height are for rethreading during lower off).
FA: R Bourne 2007
    Spook 25m - trad
 The broken crackline running running diagonally left up the centre of the main face.
Ends at chains at half height.
FA: I Valenta, R Dunn - 2004-00-00
    The Rift     IMGIMG 55m 19sport
 10m left of the large block that leans on the main face.
FA: I Valenta, R Dunn - 2004-00-00
P1(20m, 18)Up slab.
P2(20m, 19)Up wall to ledge.
P3(15m, 19)Up arete
    Wise Crack 25m 20trad
 Just left of the block.
FA: R Dunn, I Valenta - 2004-00-00
    Chip Off The Old Block 25m 19sport
 Off the top of the block.
FA: I Valenta, R Dunn - 2004-00-00
    14 Carrot Gold     IMGIMG 35m 17oldschool
 At the top of Chip Off The Old Block.
Traverse left then up wall past carrots.
FA: I Valenta, R Dunn - 2004-00-00
    Plumber's Crack     IMGIMG 26m 19mixed
 Up crack with natural protection then past 6 carrots to ledge and anchor as for COtOB
Start at obvious left facing crack 10m right of block.
FA: R Dun, I Valenta - 2004-00-00
    A Bit of Everything 75m 18mixed
 2nd pitch; up PP to break, hand traverse right to belay. Then right again to finish as for Thing2.
17, 18, 19.
As for PC - then step right to arete.
FA: I Valenta, V Valenta - 2007-00-00
    Pumpkin Puree     IMG 50m 21sport
 2 pitches. 25m 21, 25m 21.
FA: I Valenta, V Valenta - 2007-00-00
    Skuzeeney Jaludek 20m 22sport
 As for PP but take line of rings right.
FA: I Valenta, V Valenta - 2007-00-00
    Thing 1     IMG 60m 21Unknown
 Diagonal Crack. Join pitch 1 of this with pitch 2 of next route for classy two pitch 20.
FA: J Smoothy G Williams - 2000-00-00
P1(28m, 20)Crack past 6 carrots and #1 & #3 friends to rings.
P2(32m, 21)Up right to slab and rings
    Thing 2     IMGIMGIMG 65m 22sport
All Carrots
15m right of T1
FA: J Smoothy G Williams - 2000-00-00
P1(17m, 22)Up Flake right and up to belay.
P2(48m, 20)Follow carrots and rings to top
    Leighsageezer     IMGIMGIMG 63m 23sport
 Start at slab 5m left of Bad Blood
FA: I Valenta R Dun - 2004-00-00
P1(23m, 22)Thin Moves up slab past 9 rings to anchor
P2(25m, 23)Steep climbing through a small roof to a 2 ring belay
P3(15m, 15)Easy to top but runout!
    Bad Blood     IMGIMG 40m 22Unknown
 Start at far right end of cliff under a patch of orange rock. Bad blood is the left line of bolts. Some loose Rock
P1(25m, 19)HArd move of ground the up groove and juggy wall
P2(15m, 22)Straight up steep Wall
    Fake Blood     IMGIMGIMG 20m 18Unknown
 as for BB then right line of bolts
FA: R Dun I Valenta - 2004-00-00
    Boadicea     IMGIMG 65m 15sport
 Two pitches. Carrots all the way
under small roof on ledge about 8m right of FB
FA: G Short - 2007-00-00
    Milarepa     IMG 30m 13oldschool
 Out right and up following carrots.
at 2nd pitch belay of B. Move right at ledge to belay.
FA: G Short, W Williams - 2007-00-00

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