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Bluebell (full guide)

  - 05 Sydney Metropolitan Region
    - 10. The Sutherland Shire (God's Country???)
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Description:The best crag in The Shire, possibly in Sydney if you love the steep stuff. It's a small area but the limited real estate has been put to good use with bolts aplenty. Some would describe it as the Centennial Glen of the Shire! A very short walk in and flat base makes it a great family friendly crag. Don't forget to bring some bolt plates as many of the easier routes are hanger-less. Be nice to the local residents and keep quiet. It's in the Heathcote NP so keep a low profile.
Location:To get there, find Bluebell Rd, Heathcote, and park at the end. Hop the gate onto the fire trail and follow it around to the left (behind the houses). The crag is located directly below these houses - continue walking for 50m until you can scramble down to the base of the cliff on an obvious track.

The cliff faces basically west, so it's perfect on sunny winter's days, but is a bit of an oven during summer. The steepest section tends to seep a bit after rain.

Climbs described south to north (right to left, facing the cliff).




Mini Wallvertical sport climbing
5 routes
Main Wallsteep sport climbing
19 routes
24 routes

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