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Mt Greville

  - South East Queensland
    - 02 - Moogerah Peaks
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Description:Mt Greville is one of the several mountains around Boonah which is protected by the Moogerah Peaks National Park. The rock is tightly fused trachyte in various stages of errosion up to about 300m in height.

Useful Info:The nearest towns by distance are: Aratula, Mt Alford and Boonah.
There is no camping, water, BBQ's or facilities of any kind.

Various rare and endangered flora and fauna can be found around the peak including:
Don't urinate or crap in the gorges, they are creeks!
Be dicreate and respect the environment when you are here.

There is a general agreement not to climb around Palm Gorge.
It is a very unique micro-environment, leave it for future generations.
The rock quality isn't great and the walls are covered in vegetation.
Don't ruin access for others by climbing in this amazing place...

Crag Representative:Dan Roe   -



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