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Mt Alexandra

  - 09 Southern Tablelands (inc. Bungonia, Wingello, Mt Alexandra & Snowy Mtns)
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Description:SOME MAJOR NEW BOLTING HAS TAKEN PLACE, THIS GUIDE HAS BEEN UPDATED TO SHOW THIS AS AT 23/12/2011. A great crag in Mittagong, just over and hours drive from Sydney. A good change from Nowra. Climbs are mostly sport climbs with the odd trad line thrown in. Faces north west so can get a bit hot in summer, but because of the altitude tends to stay cooler than Nowra.
Location:To get to Mt. Alexandra from Sydney follow the Hume Highway until it is possible to turn off into Mittagong. Follow the road into Mittagong. Once you pass the Information Centre on your L take the next R just past the petrol station. Take the next L then turn R into Victoria St. Follow this as it climbs steeply up until its end in a dirt carpark, park here. Walk towards the rock cutting past the obvious overhanging bouldering area on your R (Sico wall) turn L down hill and pass another bouldering area (Garth's gallery) turn downhill again and follow the track to the base of the cliffs.



1st Cavesteep sport climbing
19 routes
Vox Populi Wallsport climbing
21 routes
Central Areasport climbing
31 routes
The Boulder
0 routes
The Alcove.slabby sport climbing
4 routes
The Big Cavesteep sport climbing
21 routes
96 routes

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Recent Ascents

matttranter Sensei Woo2nd ascent. Easier if you are tall. Fun addition. Now, the direct start?flash212013-05-25
Simon Vaughan Sensei WooFA - Punchy start, delicate slab, sustained head wallfree222013-05-19
Simon Vaughan White ArrowFA Awesome steep technical and satisfying, another piece of Gold in the first cavefree232013-04-13
Simon Vaughan Parents in PleasureNicefree162013-04-05
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Surpriseonsight202013-01-20
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Mousetraponsight192013-01-20
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Parents In Painonsight162013-01-19
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Thomas the TankWicked dyno!flash202013-01-19
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Progress Comes to ...One hard move at the bottom, then jug haul to victoryred-point222013-01-02
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Drill Attackflash212013-01-02
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Manchester UnitedSweet mantle on the headwallflash202013-01-02
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Suspended AnimationVery technical footwork! red-point242013-01-02
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Galvaniseonsight192013-01-02
Mitch Scanlan-Bloor Pre Pimple Pop (
onemiletofreedom Progress Comes to ...2nd go. hard for grade.free232012-12-08
onemiletofreedom Los Hermanos de la...2nd go. awesome!free2012-12-08
onemiletofreedom BiafraAwesome! 4th tie in, 2nd redpoint attempt. soft.free252012-12-08
onemiletofreedom The Red Room onsight2012-12-08
onemiletofreedom Three and a Half T...onsight2012-12-08
onemiletofreedom Silver Foxfunonsight2012-12-08
onemiletofreedom Galvaniseonsight2012-12-08
onemiletofreedom Bruised Poonarneeonsight2012-12-08
onemiletofreedom What Would You Say...hard for grade.free2012-12-08
onemiletofreedom Downhill Demiseconfusion with the routes.free2012-12-08

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