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The Australian Route Register

2. Red Rock Road (incl. Muline, Mt Fox, Red Rocks, Far Pavilion, The Tower)

  - Gariwerd (The Grampians)
    - 07. The Victoria Range
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Changed Access Red Rock Area 2. Red Rock Road (incl. Muline, Mt Fox, Red Rocks, Far Pavilion, The Tower)cragaccesscurrent2012-08-21
UntitledThe Five Year Planroute2009-10-28


Jungle Gymvertical trad climbing
27 routes
The Labyrinthtrad climbing
9 routes
Red Rock Pinnaclesvertical trad climbing
62 routes
Wuss Rockstrad climbing
4 routes
High Walltrad climbing
2 routes
Mount Cactustrad climbing
2 routes
Muline Cavesteep sport climbing
28 routes
Muline Creektrad climbing
5 routes
Cervantes Wallvertical trad climbing
7 routes
Emu Rockvertical trad climbing
14 routes
Wall of the West Windvertical trad climbing
2 routes
Mount Foxvertical trad climbing
29 routes
Cub Wallvertical trad climbing
2 routes
Loose Rock-Candy Outcroptrad climbing
5 routes
Hollywood Valleytrad climbing
5 routes
Hollywood Bowl - Main Wallslabby trad climbing
18 routes
Hollywood Bowl - Satyricon Wallvertical trad climbing
8 routes
Band of Gypsiesvertical trad climbing
35 routes
Red Rock Gallerysteep climbing
1 routes
Far Pavilion Mainvertical trad climbing
22 routes
Far Pavilion Leftvertical trad climbing
9 routes
Far Pavilion Rightvertical climbing
2 routes
Valley Cragtrad climbing
3 routes
Canyon Cragtrad climbing
7 routes
The Grandstandtrad climbing
3 routes
Picasso Blocksteep climbing
2 routes
Crag X and Queensland Cliffsteep trad climbing
9 routes
Eagle Rockvertical trad climbing
3 routes
Sherpa Rocksvertical trad climbing
6 routes
Scoop Rockssteep trad climbing
21 routes
The Catacombsvaried trad climbing
11 routes
The Towersteep sport climbing
28 routes
The Cratertrad climbing
16 routes
Peasant Wall
2 routes
Sunny Boy Blocksport climbing
1 routes
Possum Rockstrad climbing
5 routes
415 routes

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