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The Australian Route Register

16. Hat Hill Road (incl. Perry's Lookdown, Anvil Rock, Pulpit Rock)

  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 06. Blackheath (incl. Shipley Plateau, Centennial Glen, Perrys Lookdown, etc)
This crag is unlocked for editing, and its areas are unlocked. Area additions are allowed
Description:Areas with some big time air and big time sun.
Location:End of Hat Hill Rd.



Anvil Rockvertical sport climbing
2 routes
Bellbird Wall areavertical sport climbing
5 routes
Perrys Lookdownvertical sport climbing
19 routes
Pulpit Rockvaried climbing
0 routes
26 routes

Recent Ascents

Richo1981P1Bellbird Wallsecond (clean)162012-12-31
Richo1981P2Bellbird Wallonsight172012-12-31
Richo1981P3Bellbird WallIn the dark, awesomesecond (clean)152012-12-31
Macciza This is Your Brain...One shot on lead then followed Zac on FFA.second (rest)252012-08-14
mattwdanceP1Bellbird Wallonsight2012-06-30
mattwdanceP2Bellbird Wallonsight2012-06-30
mattwdanceP3Bellbird Wallonsight2012-06-30
eijkelP1Bellbird Wallsecond (clean)2012-01-21
eijkelP2Bellbird Wallfree2012-01-21
eijkelP3Bellbird Wallfree2012-01-21
eijkelP1Fat Yakaid2012-01-11
eijkelP2Fat Yaksecond (clean)2012-01-11
eijkelP3Fat YakGreat exposed arĂȘte climbingsecond (clean)2012-01-11
daaaveP1Bellbird WallSlabbing to a dirty toppout. free2011-11-28
daaaveP2Bellbird WallVery cool going through the rooflet free182011-11-28
daaaveP3Bellbird Walltelstaresque! free2011-11-28
daaaveP2The Next DoctorGreat Climbing! 2nd day climbing in 5 months since my shoulder dislocation! onsight232011-11-28
daaaveP3The Next Doctoronsight222011-11-28
daaaveP1The Next Doctorfree2011-11-27
cogsyP1Slipstreamthis is Hard! Fell on second twice. second (rest)242010-10-14
cogsyP2SlipstreamA good pitch. Sustained slabbing.free222010-10-14
cogsyP3SlipstreamExcellent pitch. Good pumping.second (clean)222010-10-14
cogsyP4SlipstreamNot so great. Easy. free212010-10-14
cogsyP5SlipstreamWorse, Easy.second (clean)212010-10-14
eijkelP1Yak Banquet (The E...aid232010-09-22

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