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The Australian Route Register

1. Camp Of The Emu's Foot Track (incl. Eureka Wall, Gondwanaland, Lost World)

  - Gariwerd (The Grampians)
    - 07. The Victoria Range
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Description:Far northern end of the Victoria Ranges. Has a collection of the most brilliant mid-twenties climbs in the country.

Location:All of the crags are accessed off the Camp of the Emus Foot Track. This track is gained from Red Rock Road about 5km north of Muline signpost and runs parallel to and is the next track south of Matthews Track which is (usually) signposted on Red Rock Road. The track is sometimes marked with an "Art Sites" signpost but it seems to disappear regularly.

The track is navigable with care by 2WD and ends after four kilometres at a parking area below Jananginj Njani.




Worthless Wallvertical trad climbing
1 routes
Weirs Creekvaried sport climbing
21 routes
Jananginj Njani (Camp of the Emu's Foot)varied trad climbing
9 routes
Gondwanalandvertical trad climbing
20 routes
Red Sailvertical climbing
2 routes
Eureka Wallvertical trad climbing
12 routes
Eureka Towersvertical trad climbing
4 routes
The Lost Worldsteep trad climbing
14 routes
Prism Walltrad climbing
5 routes
88 routes

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