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The Australian Route Register

17. The Northern Group

  - Djurite (Mt. Arapiles)
This crag is unlocked for editing, and its areas are unlocked. Area additions are allowed
Description:Status : All climbs are in with descriptions. Topos urgently needed.



Henry Bolte Wallsteep trad climbing
24 routes
Harlequin Cracks Areaslabby trad climbing
27 routes
Mysteries Wallsteep trad climbing
12 routes
Pooh Gullysteep sport climbing
16 routes
Echo Cragvertical trad climbing
20 routes
High Dive Gullysteep trad climbing
7 routes
Kachoong Cliffssteep trad climbing
32 routes
Shiralee Wall - Nameless Gullyvertical trad climbing
51 routes
Twin Rocksvertical trad climbing
1 routes
190 routes

Map One

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Recent Ascents

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SamuelP1Things Fall ApartDown climbed and cleaned. Felt more like a really cool 16. Very hollow rock and a loose flake near start .onsight172012-04-08
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onemiletofreedom Hurtssecond (clean)2011-09-29
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mattbrooks Henry Bolteonsight252011-01-19

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