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02. Summerday Valley

  - Gariwerd (The Grampians)
    - 01. Northern Grampians - Mt Zero Range
This crag is unlocked for editing, and its areas are unlocked. Area additions are allowed
Description:By far the most popular crag in the entire Grampians. Be ready to contend with crowds, both private and commercial.

A note of caution: while the sandstone around here is generally considered to be of very good quality, protruding rock features such as bollards, chickenheads, flakes and fins are often brittle, and they can and do snap off on occasion. Wear helmets, place pro even on "easy" juggy sections, and don't place too much trust in "snappable" rock features for your pro or when scrambling.




Wall of Fools (incl. Bowler Boulder & Tunnel Cliff)vertical trad climbing
57 routes
Back Wallvertical trad climbing
38 routes
Main Wallvertical trad climbing
40 routes
Left Side of the Creektrad climbing
16 routes
Callitris Area
0 routes
Flying Blind & BARC Areasvaried trad climbing
17 routes
Expedition Cragslabby climbing
0 routes
168 routes

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