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Umbrawarra Gorge

  - Top-end
    - Pine Creek
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Description:Umbrawarra Gorge is an Aboriginal owned site and is managed on their behalf by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory. You will require a permit to climb Umbrawarra Gorge, which can be obtained from the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, Litchfield Park on phone (08) 89 760 282. This permit only allows you to climb the walls in the first two pools, and currently requires for a member of the climbing party to have instructional qualifications. Umbrawarra Gorge is a sacred site - there are burial grounds and other significant sites throughout the gorge. If these are destroyed or damaged in any way, then climbing here will be stopped completely. Bolting is strictly forbiden - Please respect the area.



The First Pooltrad climbing
12 routes
The Enclosure (Second Pool Left Hand Side)trad climbing
8 routes
Miscellaneous (Second Pool Right Hand Side)
0 routes
The Cinema (Second Pool Right Hand Side)trad climbing
6 routes
26 routes

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