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Gariwerd (The Grampians)

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Description:One of the premier rock climbing areas on the planet. The Grampians features a wide variety of cliffs, and more than its fair share of stunning rock.

NSW Surveyor-General Sir Thomas Mitchell named the ranges after mountains in his native Scotland in 1836, although their Indigenous name Gariwerd is now increasingly used as well, acknowledging the Aboriginal traditional owners of the park. The Gariwerd Creation Story is a good read.

Location:The Grampians are situated around 3 hours west of Melbourne.
Useful Info:Travel times to and from various parts of the Grampians are as follows, assuming no stops or delays:
* Melbourne CBD to Halls Gap: 2 hours 30 mins
* Melbourne CBD to Mt. Zero: 3 hours
* Melbourne CBD to Buandik campground: 3 hours 30 mins
* Mt. Arapiles to Mt. Zero: 50 minutes
* Mt. Zero to Buandik: 50 minutes
* Halls Gap to Buandik (via Mt Victory Rd/Glenelg River Rd/Lodge Rd/Red Rock Rd): 35 mins if you don't mind the odd roo or deer through your windscreen at 90kph; 1 hour if you drive sensibly.

See the Victoria Range page above for more suggestions about driving routes to that region.

Accommodation: the main option is camping, with the established campgrounds being:
Stapylton (North Grampians);
Trooper's Creek and Plantation (Mt Difficult Range);
Smith Mill (Victory Range);
Boreang, Borough Huts (Central Grampians);
Bomjinna, Jimmy Ck, Wannon Crossing (Mt William range & southern Serra range); and
Buandik or Strachan's (Victoria Range).

These are the main camping options because restrictions apply elsewhere. E.g. do NOT camp at picnic areas and/or carparks closest to your crag of choice! Stapylton and Buandik are by far the most used by climbers, as they are the closest campgrounds to the best crags.

The Rosea Camping Area in the central Grampians is still closed (as of late 2008) following the huge 2006 bushfires. Access details for the above campgrounds can be found one level down under each respective area. Don't camp in Halls Gap as it is expensive.

If you're looking for something a bit more cushy than a tent then the Grampians has much better options than Arapiles. Try Tim's Backpackers in Halls Gap, it's within 30 minutes drive of almost all crags in the Grampians. There is also a wide selection of cabins, B&Bs, etc - mostly around Halls Gap but also smattered throughout the area, and too many to mention here - try Google!

Warning and disclaimer: Climbing is a high risk activity. The safest climb in this guide can kill you. The author accepts no responsibility for injury, death or financial or other loss from use of this guide. This guide is not an instruction manual, it merely describes an area suitable for experienced climbers who want to know what goes where. You are responsible for your actions. The author and publisher is not responsible for you.



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01. Northern Grampians - Mt Zero Range
9 crags1356 routes
02. Mt Difficult Range
6 crags79 routes
03. Mt Victory Range and Asses Ears
1 crags27 routes
04. Wonderland Range
4 crags158 routes
05. Mt. William Range
5 crags250 routes
06. Serra Range
8 crags255 routes
07. The Victoria Range
10 crags1726 routes
08. The Black Range
1 crags0 routes
44 crags3851 routes


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