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Djurite (Mt. Arapiles)

This region is unlocked for editing, and its children are unlocked. Crag and subregion additions are allowed.
Description:The definitive Australian crag, Mt. Arapiles offers outstanding climbing on amazing weathered quartzite. Predominantly a traditional climbing area, there are routes of every style, with bolts more common in the harder grades.

The traditional name of Djurite is making a comeback.

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Location:The middle of nowhere.

Warning and disclaimer: Climbing is a high risk activity. The safest climb in this guide can kill you. The author accepts no responsibility for injury, death or financial or other loss from use of this guide. This guide is not an instruction manual, it merely describes an area suitable for experienced climbers who want to know what goes where. You are responsible for your actions. The author and publisher is not responsible for you.

Useful Info:Naracoorte-Horsham bus service operates Monday to Friday and visits Arapiles campground on request. Coach Mob: 0428 861 160, Ph: 08 8762 2962 Picks up at Arapiles (Campground phone box) at 09:45 am Picks up in Horsham (Roberts Ave Bus Station) at 2:20 pm



There are no subregions in this region.
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01. Bushranger Bluff
2 areas29 routes
02. Declaration Crag
1 areas30 routes
03. Colosseum Wall (incl. Comic Strip Wall & The Thimble)
3 areas42 routes
04. King Rat Area (Bermuda Triangle to Pilot Error areas)
9 areas149 routes
05. The Atridae (Lois Lane to Agamemnon areas)
7 areas69 routes
06. The Organ Pipes Area (incl. Organ Pipes Gully)
2 areas115 routes
07. Central Gully Left Side
12 areas175 routes
08. Central Gully Right Side
9 areas213 routes
09. Fang Buttress Area (incl. Plaque & Morfydd Wall)
3 areas91 routes
10. The Bluffs
3 areas96 routes
11. Bard Buttress & Tiger Wall
3 areas111 routes
12. Castle Crag
1 areas31 routes
13. Grotto Wall to Voodoo Gully
9 areas141 routes
14. The Pharos
5 areas117 routes
15. Pharos Gully
9 areas214 routes
16. The Watchtower Areas
8 areas185 routes
17. The Northern Group
9 areas190 routes
18. The Far North
9 areas159 routes
19. Mitre Rock
2 areas115 routes
20. The Western Side
10 areas184 routes
116 areas2456 routes

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