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The Australian Route Register

Reports : Hardest Climbs in NT

Stegar Road :On Seas of Desire25
Stegar Road :Git Face25
Stegar Road :One for the Girls25
Spider Gully :Pathogenicity24
Stegar Road :Super Desire24
Stegar Road :Superstring24
Stegar Road :Come On Face!24
Stegar Road :The Mr T Variant24
Wallaby Crag :Too Hard For Me24
Spider Gully :No more Mr. Nice Guy23
Umbrawarra Gorge :Basque Bitch23
Umbrawarra Gorge :Ankle Anxiety23
Spider Gully :Linkshander23
Stegar Road :Crazy Sexy Cool23
Stegar Road :Spooked23
Stegar Road :The Fight to be Free23
Right Hand Side :The Bulge23
Spider Gully :Bougainvillea22
Spider Gully :Anthrax22
Stegar Road :Bad Trip out of Alice22
Stegar Road :First Temptation22
Stegar Road :Dreamtime22
Stegar Road :Glitter and Gold22
Spider Gully :Edelweis21
Spider Gully :Barramundi Dreaming21
Stegar Road :Lord of the D-Shackles21
Stegar Road :Left Foot Screaming21
Stegar Road :Make Mine Volleys21
Umbrawarra Gorge :Ode to Python21
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