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The Australian Route Register

Reports : Hardest Climbs in QLD

Frog Buttress :Whistling Kite198832
Flinders Peak :A Space Odyssey32
The Mushroom :Kim's Project32
Mt Coolum :Bite The Hand That Feeds201031
Mt Coolum :Evil Wears No Pants200830
Frog Buttress :Pokamoko and the Valley Girls30
Mt Coolum :Evel Knievel 201029
Mt Coolum :Space Oddity201029
Mt Coolum :Fire the Panzerschrek201029
Mt Coolum :Bring Back The Kneebar200929
Mt Coolum :Bloody Weapon200929
Mt Coolum :True North200929
Mt Coolum :Four Metres of Madness200829
Flinders Peak :King of the Mods200729
Mt Coolum :A Kneebar Too Far200729
Frog Buttress :How Are Your Calluses Today?199229
Mt Greville :Rocky Road29
Flinders Peak :Project (Adam Donohue)29
Flinders Peak :Entergalactic Ceiling29
Flinders Peak :Glen's Project29
Mt Coolum :Eight Minute Abs201128
Mt Coolum :Call of Duty200928
Brooyar :Carnivore200828
Mt Coolum :Separation Anxiety200828
Flinders Peak :Like a Man on Pepperoni200728
Mount Cooroora :Spitting Shards, House Of Cards200728
Mt Coolum :Gasoline Rainbow200728
Mt Coolum :Spoonman200728
Mt Tibrogargan :The Forty Metre Mile 200628
Frog Buttress :Debrilla198828
Frog Buttress :Brown Corduroy Trousers198228
Flinders Peak :Song and Dance Man Direct28
Boulder Problems
Donnerlys Castle :51. Dirty actionV10
Donnerlys Castle :25. The BrainV10
Donnerlys Castle :54. Strong Goeff 54. Strong GoeffV10
Mt Coolum :Flying Migrant2009V8
Donnerlys Castle :50. The Big ZeeV8
Donnerlys Castle :67. the Seamless unspeakably somethingV8
Donnerlys Castle :75.V8

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