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The Australian Route Register

Reports : Hardest Climbs in TAS

Around Westbury :One Final Clue 200727
Little Bluestone Bay Area :Red Line200327
Bluestone Bay Area (Campground Area) :Granite Planet27
Around Westbury :Clued Up200726
Around Westbury :Clue Crux Clan200626
Bluestone Bay Area (Campground Area) :Febrifuge26
Bluestone Bay Area (Campground Area) :Gubernaculum26
Around Westbury :Clueless200625
Cape Hauy :Candle in the Wind 110m 25200625
Cape Hauy :The Free Route199525
Bluestone Bay Area (Campground Area) :Animal Instincts25
Around Westbury :Wouldn’t Have A Clue200724
Little Bluestone Bay Area :Wild Willy200324
Cape Hauy :Deep Play199924
The Moai :Ancient Astronaught24
Bluestone Bay Area (Campground Area) :Heat of the Night24
Around Westbury :Inspector Clueso200723
Around Westbury :Cluecified 200723
Around Westbury :The Ruin Of The Cluan200623
Around Westbury :Cluedo200623
Little Bluestone Bay Area :Return to Cookie Mountain200623
Little Bluestone Bay Area :Hugs 'n Kisses23
Little Bluestone Bay Area :23 (name?)23
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