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The Belfry

This route is unlocked for editing.
  - 08 Central Tablelands (inc. The Blue Mountains)
    - 03. Leura (incl. Sublime Pt, Mt Hay, etc)
      - 01. Sublime Point
        - Main Area
Grade:12 (consensus)
Style:Old SchoolToprope:No
FFA:Cooke, Burkinshaw & Cunningham.FFA Date:0000-00-00
Author:StuEntry Date:2008-12-17
Start:Start as for Kedumba Gambit.
Description:Another major line of least resistance and most vegetation.
Pitch 1:50m 12 (consensus from 0 ascents; FA grade: 12)
Climb first two pitches of Kedumba Gambit.
Pitch 2:17m - (consensus from 0 ascents; FA grade: -)
Scrubby ledge left to tree.
Pitch 3:10m - (consensus from 0 ascents; FA grade: -)
Yummy chimney.
Pitch 4:20m - (consensus from 0 ascents; FA grade: -)
Continue up the chimney to tree.
Pitch 5:10m - (consensus from 0 ascents; FA grade: -)
Continue up chimney to cave and tree.
Pitch 6:13m - (consensus from 0 ascents; FA grade: -)
Right crack
Pitch 7:15m - (consensus from 0 ascents; FA grade: -)


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