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  - Northwest Victoria (incl. Camel's Hump, Black Hill, Mt Alex and Ben Nevis)
    - 13. Camel's Hump
      - 01. Western Cliffs
        - Omega Block
Grade:25 (consensus), 25 (given by FA)
Author:willmonksEntry Date:2008-02-09
Start:Start as for Bloodline.
Description:Meant to be an excellent pumper - if you don't mind the hassles of such a wandery route.
Description:Up Bloodline to it's 3rd bolt. Up R to high FH on Unnamed (back-clean it), back down R to 4th RB of Satanic, R past 3rd RB of Bop to 4th RB of Bewitched. Finish up Bewitched or Broomstick. It's main contribution is the nice moves R from Bop - but a far better option would be linking from the 3rd RB of Bop R into Bewitched.


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