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07. The Victoria Range

  - Gariwerd (The Grampians)
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Description:The colder, wetter and most remote region of the Grampians. It is also home to the best quality rock and the steepest cave routes in Australia.
Location:The Grampians resembles a 6 spoke bicycle wheel which got squashed from the east and west so as to run mainly north-south. The Victoria range is the southwest "spoke". As the crow flies, the Victoria Range is closer to Melbourne than Mt Stapylton, however the last hour or more of driving is on twisty mountain roads and bone rattling dirt tracks, all infested with suicidal kangaroos, deer and emu which insist on leaping out in front of your car. Consequently, it takes almost an hour longer to get from Melbourne to Buandik campsite than it does to get to Stapylton campground.
Useful Info:Camping is at Buandik campground, which is conveniently central to all of the main Vic Range crags. Bring your own water and everything else.

A car is essential; extra clearance (and/or 4WD) is basically compulsory for Goat Track and the Victoria Range Rd, and is handy for Waterworks Track. Normal 2WD vehicles will be fine on Red Rock Rd, Harrop Track and into Buandik - but watch out for the odd rock or creek crossing.

Different people choose different ways to get to Buandik when coming from Melbourne. The main options are:
(1) through Halls Gap then via Mt Victory Rd / Glenelg River Rd / Lodge Rd / Red Rock Rd. This is perhaps the most obvious way from the map but it is twisty for the first half and dirt for the final three quarters, and from dusk to dawn it's absolutely infested with swarms of roos, deer and emus, making it a brutal nerve jangling drive for the last hour or so. Probably the most popular option.
(2) through Stawell then via Western Highway / Roses Gap Rd / Laharum-Brimpaen Rd / Henty Hwy / Billywing Rd. This is quite a few extra kilometres and maybe 10-15 mins extra time, but it has very little dirt driving, and roos are only really a problem for 10 minutes through Roses Gap, near the Glenelg River on the Henty, and again for 5 minutes on Billywing Rd, the rest of the time you're on cruise control on bitumen.
(3) through Ballarat to Dunkeld then via Dunkeld-Cavendish Rd / Victoria Pt Rd / McCutcheon's Rd / Henty Hwy / Billywing Rd. Again, this looks ok on the map but for some reason the Ballarat to Dunkeld Rd takes forever. This way is quite good at minimising the dirt roads and kangaroos though.
(4) from Ararat then via Moyston / Yarram Gap / Mirranatwa Gap / Back Road / Jensens Rd / Glenelg River Rd / Harrop Tk. Possibly the shortest in terms of km's, and certainly the best way to Strachan's Campground or others in the southern Vic Range. However it does take some getting used to, the first few times you will probably miss the odd turn and waste time. Also has as much twisty roads and dirt roads as option (1) although with perhaps slightly fewer roos.

From Buandik the driving times to crags are:
5 minutes east to Millennium (assuming your car can make it up the hill);
3 minutes north to The Tower;
5 minutes north to Red Rocks/Muline etc;
5 minutes south to the (bottom) Fortress carpark;
15-20 minutes south to the Waterworks Tk crags.



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1. Camp Of The Emu's Foot Track (incl. Eureka Wall, Gondwanaland, Lost World)
9 areas88 routes
2. Red Rock Road (incl. Muline, Mt Fox, Red Rocks, Far Pavilion, The Tower)
36 areas415 routes
3. Buandik Area (incl. The Gallery & Rain Wall)
17 areas123 routes
4. High Tops (incl The Fortress, Crystal Palace & Millennium Caves)
19 areas169 routes
5. Graham's Creek Area (incl. Flame Wall)
8 areas52 routes
6. Harrop Track South (incl, The Flatiron, Eagles Head, Tortoise Wall & Gilhams Crags)
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7. Chimney Pots Area
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8. Southern Plateau
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