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10. The Sutherland Shire (God's Country???)

  - 05 Sydney Metropolitan Region
This subregion is unlocked for editing, and its crags are unlocked. Crag additions are allowed.
Description:Known to the locals as simply The Shire, it offers up fantastic bouldering and some short quality cragging dotted along scenic rivers and in bushland below suburbia. Usually excellent quality sandstone rock, but limited in height. The most popular crags are probably Bangor and Blue Bell. Royal National Park has officially banned climbing. All other crags are located on council land with no access issues. Please be courteous to land owners who back onto the bush where these crags are.
Location:Sutherland Shire is located south of the Georges River about 20km south from Sydney CBD. Follow signs to Wollongong and you will drive straight through the heart of the Shire.
Useful Info:Take your passport and avoid during Australia Day celebrations.



01. Carss Park (bouldering)
1 areas0 routes
02. Bald Face Point
1 areas2 routes
03. Oatly Park
0 areas0 routes
04. Lurgano
2 areas3 routes
05. Botany Bay National Park - Kurnell
0 areas0 routes
06. Jannali School Crags
2 areas8 routes
07. Bonnet Bay (full guide)
1 areas21 routes
08. Bonnett Bay (boudering)
1 areas0 routes
09. Burnum (bouldering)
0 areas0 routes
10. Dead Chinaman's (bouldering)
2 areas9 routes
11. Price's Cave (full guide)
2 areas9 routes
11. The Fish Boulders
2 areas2 routes
12. Bangor
2 areas37 routes
13. The Cathedral
2 areas46 routes
14. Illawong (full guide)
1 areas21 routes
15. Palmer Close - Illawong
2 areas8 routes
16. Alford's Point
6 areas28 routes
17. Lomandra Pl- Alfords Point
1 areas3 routes
Abbott's Rd - Heathcote (bouldering)
0 areas0 routes
Bardens Ridge, aka - Bundy's Ridge.
1 areas12 routes
Bluebell (full guide)
2 areas24 routes
Lucas Heights
1 areas10 routes
Rainbow Wall (full guide)
1 areas17 routes
The Villas
3 areas35 routes
The Wing Cave
0 areas0 routes
The Wok
2 areas19 routes
38 areas314 routes

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